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Automatic mowers self-care lawn care is still a novelty on the Polish market of gardening equipment, but is quickly gaining popularity due to its versatility, ease of use and increasingly affordable price. A machine that can trim a lawn without human intervention, avoiding obstacles, respecting set boundaries of operation, reacting to rain and detecting the moment when it needs to go to an automatic charging station has until recently only been featured on the pages of science-fiction novels. Today, on the other hand, it is available at your fingertips... wielding a smartphone, which, through an app, can control it and change settings.

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The most important parameters and functions of mowing robots CEDRUS , Honda, Bosch, Gardena, Nac, Stiga, Makita, Automower, Ambrogio Zuchetti, Hecht, Hyundai , Husqvarna
The garden area parameter is the most important. In the specification of each mowing robot it is in the first place. It must pay attention to both the owners of extensive properties, so as not to purchase a device that is useless due to low power, and the owners of small lawns, because it is not worth overpaying for a high-quality device with significant power that will not be used. If it is possible to talk about cost-effectiveness in the case of such advanced and quite expensive equipment as definitely recommend this type of mower for owners of lawns over 1000 m2
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Robot mower: how much does it cost, what are the advantages of an automatic mower
Fashionable gadget or savior for owners lawns? Mowing robots are the fulfillment of the predictions of futurists, who years ago floated improbable visions of a world in which robots replace humans in the performance of heavy and arduous work, and such certainly includes grass cutting. However, before we make a purchase autonomous mowers, due to the high technological advancement of the device, it is worth learning about its construction, operation, advantages and disadvantages
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CEDRUS automatic lawn mower - is it worth buying?

Automatic lawn mower - is it worth buying?

Is it possible to make our lawn in front of the house resemble the one from advertisements or from pictures of grass seed packages? If we take proper care of it - yes. A big part of this will be the robotic mower.

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A revolution in lawn mowing - CEDRUS C-MOW automatic mowers
Automatic Lawn Mower Robot Mower mows the grass in an area predetermined by a special boundary wire. The machine has a collision sensor, so it easily avoids obstacles or retreats in a collision with an obstacle it encounters. It is also equipped with a rain sensor, a slope sensor and a lift sensor that disables the mower blades. Thanks to the patented AIA mowing technology, the robotic mower easily negotiates narrow passageways. The power system is based on a maintenance-free battery with no memory effect , and the drive is provided by 2 brushless wheel motors.
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Robot mower, how robotic mower works. Which model best ranking ?

Mowing robot

If spending Saturday mornings taking care of your lawn is not your favorite activity, but you also care about the appearance of your lawn, then the solution to your problem is the following mowing robot. This device will take care of it for you. You can conveniently control some models using a mobile app. Once properly installed and configured, the robotic mower requires minimal effort on your part, when in use.

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Company CEDRUS Joint Stock Company, one of the largest distributors of gardening equipment in Poland, has introduced new models of mowing robots to its offer in 2023 under the name C-MOW. To meet the needs of customers who have small gardens, the company offers two models of robotic mowers from the m series with maximum performance - model C-Mow M5 up to 500m2 and model C-Mow M10 up to 1000m2.Larger gardens of up to 2,000m have not been forgotten either2. For customers with such green spaces, Cedrus offers mowing robots l series with maximum capacities C-Mow L16 up to 1600m2 and C-Mow L20 up to 2000m2

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OLEO-MAC what kind of company
Emak green it's green sure. Quality, innovation, completeness. Because Emak is a leading company that is always looking ahead, anticipating solutions and raising standards. Emak green
is care and respect, passion and planning, developed in harmony with nature and characterized by state-of-the-art technology. This is why Emak , through its brands Efco, Oleo-Mac, Bertolini i Nibbi , is a reference for professionals and hobbyists involved in green care. In every aspect of it.
In fact, its range includes more than 250 models designed for every type of activity. Chainsaws, trimmers, lawn mowers, garden tractors, hedge trimmers, motorized excavators, rotary cultivators, flail mowers, lawn mowers, transporters and more for use at various levels of intensity, power and frequency.
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When the chain is blunted ?
The cutting links of a chainsaw chain are subject to natural dulling during operation. This process takes place at different rates - depending on the working conditions of the chain. Therefore, it is impossible to clearly determine after how long our chain will need sharpening.
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