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Electric aerators and scarifiers

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For those looking for easy-to-use, quiet and reliable in performance equipment for periodic lawn care around the house, we recommend electric aerators and scarifiers from Hecht, Ikra Mogatec and Daewoo brands. Presented tools are driven by modern electric motors with different power of operation. At Ewimax professional electric lawn aeration and scarification equipment, with power from 1500W to 2000W, is waiting for you. Order a device tailored to your needs!

What are electric scarifiers?

These are gardening tools designed to aerate the soil by cutting the turf. In the case of old lawns, the tangle of roots, dead rhizomes and cut grass blades creates a barrier almost impermeable to water, which contributes to the drying out of lawns and, in rainy weather, to the rotting of the grass. Aerators and electric scarifiers are equipped with drums supplemented with blades that prick and cut the layer of thick felt, thereby aerating the soil and making the lawn permeable to water. The electric scarifier resembles a traditional lawn mower in appearance. However, instead of horizontal cutting blades, it is equipped with a drum of steel knives that cut the turf. Electric scarifiers and aerators from our offer are also equipped with metal baskets, which collect the remains of grass, weeds, mosses and lichens collected from the soil.

Use of electric scarifier in the garden

Equipped with durable mower blade rollers, easy-to-use electric aerators and scarifiers are equipment designed for periodic lawn care. Such devices help aerate the soil and increase its permeability. Thanks to scarification treatments, rainwater penetrates more easily into the ground, which promotes the growth of grass and protects it from drying out quickly during the summer heat and rotting during periods of heavy rainfall. Scarifying treatments are particularly recommended to be carried out in spring, before the lawn is fertilized. Thanks to scarification, the spread fertilizer has a chance not only to dissolve, but also to penetrate deep into the soil, from where it will be taken up by the root system of plants, supporting their growth.

How to choose an electric scarifier?

When looking for the right electric aerator and scarifier for your garden, for the care of your home lawn, special attention should be paid to the power of the device, the function it offers and the quality of its workmanship. The general rule of thumb is that the larger the area of the lawn, the more powerful the equipment needed to care for it. Of course, this doesn't mean that a 1500W electric aerator and scarifier can't handle aerating a 10-acre lawn. However, with such a large acreage, working with low-powered equipment will take more time and thus be more tiring. Using our offer, you can order a modern electric aerator and scarifier with a power of 1500W to 2000W, with an adjustable cutting depth function and a durable shaft equipped with sharp cutting blades. Order a device from a reputable brand!

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