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Diesel-powered sweepers

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Have you ever wondered how to speed up and optimize the cleaning process of large areas surrounding buildings? A traditional broom can be useful in a home garden, but its effectiveness diminishes for larger spaces. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for you - diesel sweepers . Learn about the advantages of using such devices and check out the models we offer in our online store.

Diesel sweeper is the perfect device for the autumn season. Wide brush (max. 100 cm) with adjustable working angle allows you to sweep a large area with high efficiency, for example, on streets, sidewalks, bike paths, driveways and other paved surfaces. Sweeper with internal combustion engine in winter can be used as a snowblower thanks to the installation of a special snow plow. Sweeper has the ability to collect leaves and debris into a basket that has separate wheels, making it much easier to use. The blade easily installs into the machine, allowing us to use the sweeper all year round without much effort. Powered sweepers of Cedrus and Weibang brands with Loncin engines of 5 to 6.5 hp can move at a speed of about 5 km/h. In an open area, the sweeper works very well with the with a petrol leaf blower.

Looking for the perfect piece of equipment to clean up the area around your house, parking lot or any other type of terrain? It is worth betting on a professional sweeper and replacing the traditional broom with it. Haaga and OM Line diesel sweepers are year-round machines with a wide range of applications. Effectively clean large areas of sand, dust and debris. In autumn they will be helpful in removing leaves and in winter freshly fallen snow. They can work on both dry and wet surfaces. They are easy to use and extremely efficient.

Take a look at our range of sweepers. We guarantee attractive prices and professional service. Haaga is a German brand with a 50-year tradition in the cleaning industry. After many years of development, it became part of another renowned German company, Starmix. HAAGA's unique sweeping system and high quality components cannot be compared to other sweepers on the market. A key component of the system is two counter-rotating brushes that pick up debris and dust from the front of the machine and move it to the hopper. An additional roller makes sure that even the smallest particles get into the tank. It is driven by a robust gearbox in a quiet and emission-free manner. To ensure the high quality of their products, Haaga sweepers are manufactured exclusively in Germany. A wide range of applications include, but are not limited to: sweeping around houses, in parking lots, playgrounds, sidewalks, around tourist facilities, but also surfaces under the roof (stores warehouses, public facilities).

Sustainable cleanliness with diesel sweepers

Fuel-powered sweepers are an invaluable tool for any cleaning team. By choosing our models, which are characterized by reliability and high efficiency, you will significantly speed up the sweeping process, which will result in less fatigue for your workers. We offer sweepers that will meet the most stringent standards.

Perfect cleanliness with sweepers

Cleanliness in a company is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also of professionalism and safety. Manual sweeping is a tedious process and not always effective. That's why it's worth investing in professional fuel-powered sweepers that are sure to make your team's job easier.

Practical solutions for all seasons

Our fuel-powered sweepers are indispensable in every season. They have a wide brush (up to 100 cm) with an adjustable working angle, which allows efficient cleaning of large areas such as streets, sidewalks or driveways. They are equipped with a fuel engine, which also allows them to be used as a snowblower thanks to the included snow plow.

Which machine to choose?

The decision to choose the right sweeper should be preceded by an analysis of the specifics of the surfaces to be cleaned. Our sweepers are ideal for keeping parking lots, sidewalks or plazas in front of company buildings clean. What's more, our machines not only replace tedious manual labor, but are also equipped with a system that minimizes dust generation. When choosing a machine, it is worth paying attention to the working width, which has a key impact on the efficiency and speed of work. Wide sweepers should also have large waste bins.

Check out our offer

Welcome to the online store, where you will find detailed technical specifications of our fuel sweepers. If you need help choosing the perfect machine for your team, contact us. Our specialists will be happy to help you decide.

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