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Petrol power tillers for the garden

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Designed for digging, shoveling and weeding soil, professional petrol soilers are equipment that may interest many a gardener. The ewimax store you will find a variety of models of this type of equipment, ranging from relatively simple designs, through cultivators equipped with high-powered internal combustion engines, and ending with self-propelled machines with the function of a garden tractor. Take a look at our offer and choose the equipment for you.

Efficient soil cultivation in the garden and on the allotment

If you're tired of digging, loosening or weeding the soil by hand, and you can't use professional, heavy-duty farm equipment for the job, an excellent alternative to it will be professional rippers. Browsing through the offer of our online store, you will come across many models of this type of equipment, including cheap and lightweight electric cultivators and presented here, characterized by a much higher power of action, high-end combustion soilers. We sell modern equipment with robust construction, including multifunctional machines from a reputable brand Hecht. Of course, if you do not want to spend too much money on gardening tools, in the offer of our store you can also find smaller models of internal combustion cultivators that are driven by hand, with a power of 2-5 hp. It is an easy-to-use equipment with high mobility, helpful in carrying out a variety of soil preparation work for vegetables or other crops. We sell Hecht brand diesel soilers, Cedrus, Daewoo, Pubert and others.

Investing in professional soil cultivation equipment, designed for work in the garden, allotment or greenhouse, will significantly facilitate and accelerate this work. Taking advantage of our offer, which consists of a variety of combustion soilers, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with their detailed technical specifications and the resulting range of operation. Choose a unit with the type of design you are interested in, tailored to your current needs and crop acreage.

Soil conditioner - effective soil care

If you run a vegetable garden or an allotment, you surely know how much effort it takes to prepare the land for growing plants and vegetables. Loosening the soil helps ensure proper aeration and hydration, which in turn results in better plant growth. Using specially designed equipment, such as a soil tiller, we can make our work much easier and save time. Find out what it can be used for in the garden and what to look for when buying a rotovator.

Soil conditioners are gardening tools used to treat soil. Their main task is to loosen and loosen the soil to facilitate planting and improve the soil quality. Soil conditioners consist of a rotor with blades that rotates around a drive axis and drives into the soil. This allows the rotor to break up clods of soil, destroy weeds and leave the soil in better condition. Soil conditioners are particularly useful in gardens where the soil is hard or compacted. Their use also facilitates the mixing of fertilizers and other ingredients into the soil, which in turn improves plant growth conditions.

Cultivators oleo-Mac brands are designed to help you with a variety of agricultural work and cultivation on larger acreages. Made of the best materials, so they are very durable and safe to use. They will work well for both amateur and professional applications - in gardening and agriculture. All models are united by durability and high technical parameters. They are compact, lightweight and suitable for working in confined spaces or with low vegetation.

They have ergonomic buttons, allowing you to constantly control the operation of the device. Some models have a fully adjustable steering wheel. This gives you the option of setting it up to drive the machine from the side. They also have a reverse gear for easy maneuvering.

Is it worth it to buy a soil tiller? - all the advantages

Digging through the garden by hand takes a lot of time and even more effort, so a soil compactor can save us from the hard work. This equipment has a number of advantages that we will use both in the ornamental garden and in the garden with crops. Thanks to the soil loosening function with the help of a soil tiller we can:

  • prepare the ground for growing vegetables,
  • prepare the soil for flower beds and planting of plants,
  • prepare the ground for sowing a new lawn,
  • ensure optimal loosening, aeration and hydration of the soil,
  • properly shape and level the terrain.

Such a wide range of applications makes it seem obvious to have such a device in your garden essentials. However, if you are still wondering whether it is worth it to buy a rotovator, consider the option of renting the equipment. You can also find the rental service in the offer of TOMEX.

Choosing a soil tiller - what to look for?

You want to buy a rotovator for your garden, but don't know what to look for before buying one? Take a look at the parameters of the various models - what you should consider first are drive and motor power, width and depth of work, as well as the weight and mobility of the equipment. With a wide range of modern equipment, you can be sure to find the perfect model for you.

Which rotovator for my garden - petrol or electric?

Choosing the type of drive is a prime consideration when buying a soil compactor. Electric models are ideal for the home garden or allotment garden. They are characterized by quiet and emission-free operation, compact size and the need to provide access to a constant source of electricity.

The petrol soil tiller is designed for gardens and cultivated areas with a larger surface area. Its capacious tank allows for efficient work without limitations, a high engine power gives you the confidence that it can handle loosening heavy and clay soils at a great depth.

Soiler working depth

The different models of soil tillage machines differ in the depth at which they can loosen the soil. In the smaller of the two, this parameter is 13-15 cm and is enough to establish beds, flower beds or lawn. More powerful soilers can work at depths of up to 33-35 cm and will work well for establishing crops with more extensive root systems.

Lawn rotovator

With the help of a lawn rake remove the old lawn and you will prepare the soil for sowing new grass or planting crops. Before using the equipment, it is best to mow the lawn, then you can dig the area and loosen the soil. The machine will easily deal with weeds, twigs and even smaller roots and medium stones.

We also have a wide range of accessories for soilers, such as: mounting brackets, plows, seeders, pneumatic wheels, potato diggers. Our soil conditioners will help you in the process of leveling and loosening the soil. Thanks to their work, you will prepare the ground for the next activities. We are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We guarantee very attractive price conditions and cooperation at the highest level. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

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