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Transportery i wozidła budowlane

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Efficient transportation during renovation and construction work saves time and money. Especially when using efficient and reliable equipment such as construction haulers.

Hauler, process hauler (English. off-highway dump truck) - a type of dump truck, designed to transport large quantities of loose materials in difficult terrain conditions, inaccessible to standard trucks, such as in open-pit mines. Due to the design of the haulers, we divide them into articulated and rigid-frame.

Mini-van, construction hauler thanks to its dimensions can be freely used in buildings and in narrow passages, crossings. Caterpillar drive combined with a gasoline engine ensures that the transporter can handle even the toughest conditions. Maximum load capacity is 500 kg ensuring that heavy loads can be moved efficiently without any effort.

In transporting bulk materials, including various types of aggregates, bricks or hollow blocks, especially over short distances, diesel construction haulers help. These are machines powered by internal combustion engines, but designed to be driven by hand, without an operator's seat, and are a convenient alternative to traditional wheelbarrows and push transport trucks. At Ewimax you will find diesel construction transporters in wheeled and tracked versions.

Wheeled and tracked construction transporters

In the implementation of renovation, gardening and general farming work, an alternative to a regular wheelbarrow can be a wheeled or tracked construction transporter that offers a much higher lifting capacity, is equipped with an independent drive and is therefore more convenient to use. Wheeled construction haulers are best suited for indoor work, such as in greenhouses, halls and other construction facilities. Wherever there are narrow passages and the use of a larger vehicle is inconvenient or impossible. Tracked construction transporters are better suited for rough terrain work. Thanks to the tracks, the hauler does not bog down or get into a skid. It is also easier to climb small hills with it, especially when the road surface is wet and slippery.

Diesel powered wheelbarrows

If you want to speed up the work of transporting building materials or debris in renovations, check out our range of branded construction haulers. This is an extremely versatile all-purpose equipment, resembling a wheelbarrow, but equipped with an internal combustion engine and thus having an independent drive. As a result, the presented construction transporters have a higher load capacity and are more convenient to use. The operator does not have to push the forklift, but only guides it in a certain direction. Check out the full list of available haulers and order a machine with the desired technical parameters. We sell construction haulers on wheels and tracks cedrus and Hecht brands. We invite you to place orders.

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