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Garden lawn mowers

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Comparing the various proposals for mowers offered by today's manufacturers, you can quickly see that virtually everyone is able to get exactly what they need. But how to know which lawn mower will be the best for the given requirements? How to decide whether Hecht, Oleo-Mac or Nac proposals will be the most suitable ones?

To meet the needs of customers who do not want to waste time searching for the perfect tool - we have created this category, in which we have collected specially selected proposals.

There is no room for poor quality in our product range. Each model presented here, regardless of what surface it is designed for and what performance parameters it exhibits - will not disappoint the future user.

We provide mowers that guarantee reliable operation and power so that even tall grass and bushes will no longer be a problem, and mowing will finally be not an unpleasant chore, but a pleasure.

Branded lawn mowers - petrol, electric and battery powered

With the diverse needs of today's consumers in mind, we have introduced lawn mowers of three types to our store's offerings. These are primarily modern internal combustion devices, which are characterized by high mobility and power, making them well suited for the maintenance of extensive lawns in residential areas, around businesses, in large gardens and parks. In the store you will find motorized lawn mowers, which are extremely easy to drive, and push units, which require the use of physical force to move around the lawn. We also sell electric lawn mowers designed for lawns around single-family homes and their battery-powered versions for greater mobility, which will work well not only around the house, but also on allotments. Complementing our offer are mowing robots.

Automatic lawn mowers - mowing robots

Modern robotic mowers are suitable for well-maintained, level and flat lawns. Automated lawn mowers are devices driven by a powerful electric motor, powered by a battery, which operate autonomously according to a predetermined program. Of course, these types of machines can also be controlled manually, using the company's dedicated software. Autonomous lawn mowers take care of your lawn without any third party involvement. They start up at pre-programmed times, in certain weather, and return to the charger when finished. The user can program the height of the grass cut, and depending on the model of the device selected, also use other functions and settings. In the offer of Ewimax you will find more than a dozen models of automatic lawn mowers, including a professional device designed for the care of extensive green areas, such as football fields, and smaller automatic lawn mowers for private use, for mowing lawns around businesses and homes.

Kosiarki do trawy OLEO-MAC

The petrol mower is by far the most popular tool used in the garden. In our store you will find a wide selection of machines from reputable, companies such as Cedrus, Weibang and Kaaz equipped with the most powerful Loncin and Briggs & Stratton engines. The models we offer are characterized by solid steel or aluminum construction, which makes work in the garden much easier and faster. Each petrol lawn mower is equipped with a central control panel, adjustable cutting height and drive, and on selected models, a grass kneading roller. With the last solution, you can achieve a striped lawn effect. Some of the machines additionally have side or rear ejection and are equipped with wheel bearings, which increases the comfort of work. Selected petrol mowers come with a 5-year warranty. For very large acreages, we particularly recommend our wide range of tractor mowers.

Petrol mower - what type to choose?

Among a very wide group of lawn mowing products, you can distinguish between powered and non-powered petrol mowers. The former regularly gain in popularity. All due to the higher comfort of their use, which they provide. A non-drive lawn mower, on the other hand, is lighter and more compact. For this reason, it is ideal for home use.

As you can see in our portfolio, the petrol mower can also have side or rear discharge. There are also models with a grass-grinding function, and even 4-in-1 machines that combine all the functions described above.

What are the types of start-up of internal combustion mowers?

Each internal combustion mower can be fired in one of three ways:

  • Prime&Pull - the device has a manual starter (usually in the form of a cable) and a manual fuel pump.

  • ReadyStart - the petrol mower is ready for use at all times. Suctioning is done automatically. Manual is only the start-up, usually implemented through a cable.

  • Electric start - the most convenient of all systems. It is fully automated and only requires the user to push a button or turn a key.

What are the uses of internal combustion mowers?

Petrol mower, is the most popular among the equipment used in the garden. Thanks to its dimensions, it allows comfortable, efficient and fast mowing of large areas. In turn, unlike its electric counterpart, it does not require the use of a power cord. This not only increases its mobility, but most importantly, affects the convenience of use. For larger acreages, a petrol mower is a better option than a lawnmower. It mows more accurately and faster, and thanks to the presence of wheels - it is much easier to handle. Devices from reputable manufacturers are also very durable and reliable. Gearboxes typically can run for 600-800 operating hours. The drive, on the other hand, is carried out using an easy-to-operate and replace V-belt or drive shaft.

The petrol lawn mower is a device that people with large lawns will also appreciate. Many models from manufacturers such as Cedrus, Weibang and Kaaz are equipped with capacious baskets of up to 70 liters. Large rear wheels make it easier to work on uneven terrain and in tall and thick grass. The powered lawn mower also allows you to adjust the speed to suit your needs and convenience. This makes mowing large areas much faster. Chassis and metal parts are protected against corrosion by powder coating. This provides high resistance to rust and extends the life of the equipment.

In order for a petrol lawnmower to retain its usefulness for a long time, it is important to remember to replace its blades. In our offer we have blades for mowers of many manufacturers. They are specially shaped, in such a way that the device does not clog and the ejection of grass is as efficient as possible. This makes it possible for a petrol mower to help maintain a beautiful lawn for a long, trouble-free time.

All Weibang brand lawn mowers we offer come with a 5-year warranty, and Cedrus and Kaaz with a 2-year warranty.

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