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Combustible branch shredders and chippers

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Diesel branch shredders

The combustion chipper for branches is a staple today.


Combustion garden shredders are ideal for mobile applications. Strong, durable and equipped with a wide running unit for exceptional stability. There are models available for shredding large amounts of soft plant material, as well as branches.

Many trees and shrubs, especially those grown for fruit, require regular annual pruning. The waste products of the treatments carried out are a large amount of lagging shoots. Plant residues are burned, left in a shredded form or transferred to a composter. In both of the latter cases, a good branch shredder is essential. "Management" of leftovers after cutting trees and shrubs can be a bit of a problem. Smoking is a rather controversial method, limited by limits. According to the Regulations, such a method of disposal of branches (and leaves) is unacceptable and even prohibited. In addition, some municipalities are imposing a complete ban on campfires on their grounds. These are sufficient arguments to dispose of the cut shoots

By using a combustion shredder, you will quickly and easily grind up old branches or plants - thus obtaining natural mulch or fuel. The petrol branch shredder is a powerful device that will work well for shredding very thick branches, both soft and hard woods. So if you have an orchard, a forest, or are simply struggling with the need to shred a large amount of branches and boughs.Branch shredder is a device that can prove to be your best helper in the garden.We offer a wide range of petrol shredders that will come in handy in large gardens and allotments. These devices are used for shredding cut branches, which we can use in many ways - as input for the composter, shrub ballast, or even decorative elements for the garden and balcony flowers. So let's not throw away the cut branches, but make use of them with one of the EWIMAX offered.EN combustion shredder!

Przycinanie gałęzi rozrastających się krzewów i drzewek ozdobnych, przeczesywanie koron drzew owocowych w celu zapewnienia owocom lepszych warunków do dojrzewania, a nawet najzwyklejsze formowanie żywopłotu… Wszystkie te prace ogrodowe generują trudne do zutylizowania lub składowania odpady. Problem ten może jednak być w łatwy sposób zażegnany – rozwiązaniem jest oferowany przez nas rozdrabniacz do gałęzi spalinowy! Co to za urządzenie i dlaczego warto postawić właśnie na nie? Zapoznaj się z poniższym opisem, a następnie zamów urządzenie najlepsze dla Ciebie!
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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