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Wood splitters, professional splitters

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For individual users and companies involved in the production and sale of firewood we recommend modern wood splitters. We offer devices with different operating powers, equipped with a variety of functions. Here you will find simple and relatively inexpensive horizontal models with an electric motor that will work well for smaller farms, as well as professional diesel hydraulic splitters.

Wood splitters make the job easier

Instead of painstakingly chopping firewood by hand, you can use easy-to-use, powerful equipment that will significantly speed up the work while minimizing the risk of injury. The ewimax store you will find a variety of wood splitting equipment, including wheel-equipped mobile wood splitters for professional use, with a combustion engine and a pressure of up to 22 tons. Of course, you can also reach for a much cheaper electric device. Hydraulic-electric wood splitter is an equipment for private use, useful for farms based on wood heating. It's a piece of equipment with slightly less performance and power. The electric horizontal wood splitter works with a drip rate of about 4-5 tons to split smaller logs and billets. A good example of such equipment is the Hecht 6500 wood splitter. The device offers a pressure force of 5 tons, which allows splitting branches with a maximum length of 52cm. In the store you will find not only professional splitters, but also a variety of accessories dedicated to them, including special stands and supports, fuel canisters, hydraulic and engine oil.

Increase safety and speed up the work of preparing firewood for winter by reaching for high-end wood splitting equipment. A powerful hydraulic-electric splitter or a more powerful internal combustion model is a piece of equipment that may be of interest to individuals, landscaping companies or businesses specializing in the production and sale of firewood. Check our offer and choose one of the available devices.

Why you should invest in a wood splitter?

Wood splitters are devices that significantly simplify and speed up the process of preparing firewood. Instead of traditional manual chopping, we can use efficient machines that will process large amounts of wood in a short period of time. What's more, using a splitter minimizes the risk of injury, which is especially important for people who don't deal with heavy physical labor on a daily basis.In the offer of Ewimax include a variety of wood splitting equipment. Among them are models equipped with wheels, which makes them easier to transport. There are both splitters for professional use, with a combustion engine and a thrust of as much as 22 tons, and cheaper electric units, ideal for home use.

How to choose the right splitter?

Choosing the right splitter depends primarily on the individual needs of the user. For those who need to process smaller amounts of wood, electric models with a pressure of about 4-5 tons will be ideal. They are not only cheaper, but also easier to use and do not require specialized knowledge.On the other hand, for companies engaged in the professional preparation of firewood, a more powerful diesel splitters will be a far better choice. Their efficiency and power will allow them to process large amounts of wood quickly, resulting in higher profits.Regardless of the choice, it is worth noting the additional accessories available in the store, such as stands, supports or hydraulic oils. They will make the work easier and extend the life of the device.In summary, wood splitters are an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to prepare firewood quickly and safely. Thanks to the wide range of ewimax everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of individual needs and budget.

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