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Free-standing fireplace stoves and goat-type fireplaces

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Fireplace stoves are ideal for rooms that we need to insulate in winter. Easy to install, no masonry required make a practical and elegant interior design. In our offer you will find both freestanding stoves of the goat type, retro tiled stoves or modern, made of acid-resistant steel burning devices. No matter what style you prefer in our offer you will surely find something for you. We offer furnaces from 4 to 12 kW.

Freestanding goat stoves are an excellent alternative to fireplaces. Their biggest advantage is the ease of installation and the possibility of relocation to another location, as long as access to the flue allows it. A goat is a ready-made stove you just need to set it up and plug it in. Does not require building a base or casing like a fireplace insert

Wood-burning stove - an alternative to the traditional fireplace

Freestanding stoves will work well in any room that needs reheating regardless of the season. There are many models of stoves on the market, so you can easily choose the one that matches the interior you have arranged. The ewimax store are waiting for fireplace stoves and various models of tile stoves: cast iron and steel. Products made of such materials are characterized by high quality workmanship and long service life. The high quality of materials also translates into a long-lasting indoor thermal effect.

Over the past few years, the popularity of wood-burning stoves has increased significantly. They are an attractive alternative to traditional fireplaces. on the market, the wood-burning stove is most often found in steel, cast iron or tiled versions. you will also come across a gas model. In the wide assortment of ewimax store we have gathered for you a large selection of products, which includes fireplace stoves. Check which model will work best in your home.

Tiled stove - a combination of tradition and modernity

Tiled stoves will be useful especially in the autumn and winter season. with them you can easily heat your home. You can also use the element to reheat a summer house. The product is perfect for any type of room whether it is in a classic or modern style.

The stove is versatile and features a simple, classic form. thanks to the fact that it was made of high-quality ceramic tiles, it will retain its functionality for years. tiled fireplace stoves are most often equipped with a glass window, which provides effective protection against sparks falling from the hearth.

a tiled fireplace will allow you to enjoy a blazing, living fire without the danger of being burned. a wide range of colors makes it easy to match the housing to the space you have arranged. today's tiled stoves are compact, small-scale installations that excel in power and heat output. the ewimax store also offers you a wide range of other stoves that you can use in your home. check out what else we have prepared for you!

Steel furnaces - high quality workmanship and durability

The steel fireplace stove is a product that will allow you to heat your home quickly and efficiently. A popular fuel you can use for this purpose is wood. mounted ash pan you can regulate the air supply to the interior of the stove. this makes it easier to control the intensity of fuel combustion and the temperature inside the combustion chamber.

free-standing fireplace stoves made of cast iron are usually black in color, which is universal. so you can match them to any interior. the components needed for the installation of this type of product we have gathered for you in our offer, so that you can quickly make the installation of a fireplace stove in your home.

steel stoves are much lighter than those made of cast iron or tile. devices are created using state-of-the-art processing methods. high-grade steel is a heat-resistant material. in modern fireplace stoves, the combustion chamber is lined with a special heat-accumulating material, which directly affects the efficiency and quality of combustion. modern wood-burning stoves made of steel look great in modern and industrial style interiors, and with their appearance they slightly refer to the retro style.

Cast iron stove - an economical option for your home

Cast iron fireplace stove is characterized by high durability and strength. while it weighs significantly more than a stove made of steel. cast iron is a material that, compared to others, heats up more slowly, but also gives off heat much longer. Long after the flame in the hearth is extinguished, the heat emitted by the cast iron stove will still be felt in the room. This makes the stove an economical option, because it allows you to reduce the consumption of fuel, thus saving a considerable amount of money. cast iron stove will be an original decoration of the room - it will be perfect for rooms decorated in English or rustic style.

Corner wood-burning stove, as the name suggests, you can set up in the corner of the house. thanks to the fact that it adheres to the wall, it allows you to comprehensively heat the entire space including the wall. this minimizes the risk of mold or mildew in the room. fireplace stove, thanks to the fact that it stands in the corner of the room is practically unnoticeable, but it performs its function in the best possible way.

In the ewimax store's offer you are waiting for functional stoves with excellent technical parameters, the design of which will work well for both rustic, minimalist and traditionally decorated rooms. the price range of products varies greatly, so you will certainly be able to choose a product with quality directly proportional to the price. we encourage you to take a look at the available in the ewimax.en assortment!

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