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Mowers and trimmers for the garden

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Basic gardening tools include scythes,mowers,mowers i trimmers. These are the basic tools that will make our garden more beautiful and better cared for. Scythes, trimmers and trimmers are portable tools, powered by an internal combustion engine (rarely electric), which are used to cut through all kinds of plants that are in hard-to-reach places. The main manufacturers of scythes are companies such as HECHT Bosch,OLEO MAC Black and Decker,DeWalt and NAC. Scythes are usually equipped with interchangeable heads, so that we can mow soft grass (line) or cut thick plants (cutting discs).

Trimmers are suitable for precise cutting of grass residue in places where ordinary mowers have difficult access, such as along walls, around trees, etc. Their main advantage is that they are lightweight and easy to handle. Electric trimmers require minimal maintenance, making them cheap to maintain.

If you have access to electricity, it is advantageous to purchase an electric mower. However, if the cutting area is large and there is no access to electricity it will be advantageous to purchase a petrol mower.

In our wide assortment we also have battery-powered trimmers. This is ideal when you don't have access to an electrical system.

Lawnmowers, these are highly desirable machines today that can perform many tasks in the garden. They are suitable for mowing simple classic lawns, but also for mowing areas with difficult accessibility in heavy terrain and high vegetation, and allow the removal of smaller self-sown trees. Steep slopes, ditches and hard-to-reach areas around trees are also no obstacle. Another advantage of the scythe, besides its wide application possibilities, is its low weight and the possibility of installing a steel blade instead of a vein head. All our knives are made of high quality materials.

Scythes and trimmers - take care of every inch of your garden

Lawnmowers and trimmers are devices that allow you to aesthetically cut the grass in hard-to-reach places in the garden and on the allotment. If you have ponds, garden ornaments, rockeries, ornamental shrubs, fruit trees, beds, flowerbeds, and you care about making every inch of your garden look good, these devices just come in handy and make your job much easier. In our offer you can find both trimmers and scythes from excellent, well-known manufacturers on the market.

Trimmer and scythe for hard-to-reach areas

Finishing edging in the garden often causes many problems. Some people use garden grass shears for this purpose, but the task can be made much easier by using a trimmer. This is a very convenient device, they have adjustable heads (varies, depending on the brand and model). If you are annoyed by protruding grass from hard-to-reach places, the trimmer will certainly remedy this effectively. It is a small size device, does not take up much space. The mower will also do a great job of removing grass that a lawnmower can't handle - whether due to a lack of adequate space, or because the grass or overgrowth is too tall. Scythe does a very good job of trimming lush bushes. Works well on sloping surfaces, against trees and fences and walls. The vein mowers in our offer were designed by professionals who deal with landscaping on a daily basis and know very well what the needs of garden owners are. They were created by well-known brands. They are characterized by a very long life with resistance. No matter whether you have a small home garden, the care of which is your hobby, or you are engaged in designing and caring for gardens professionally - you will be able to find the right garden for you trimmers and scythes should be included in your equipment. Work will then become efficient and effective! You will find the products we offer in different price ranges.

EWIMAX - many years of activity backed by customer satisfaction

Our long-standing presence in the market has allowed us to establish cooperation with many excellent molds producing tools, devices and accessories useful in the home and garden. We are trading partners of many of these companies. We make sure that the assortment of our store consists of high-quality products and that it meets the needs of both those who need basic tools and those who are looking for devices for special tasks, very durable. Our offer is wide, and you will find gardening tools from reputable manufacturers, but for every budget, as well as power tools from recognized brands and hand tools. We are available whenever you want to know more about any of the products offered, when you need professional advice. We ship the purchased goods as soon as possible.

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