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Diesel aerators and scarifiers

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Scarifiers and aerators will be helpful when caring for a lawn that needs aeration in addition to watering and mowing. Aeration involves pricking the soil, while scarification involves vertically cutting the turf of the lawn. Both treatments will be made possible by machines with interchangeable working rollers, so we have a scarifier and aerator in one device. For larger spaces, a diesel scarifier and aerator will be better, and for smaller lawns an electric one.

Scarifier (scarifier) - garden device used for scarifying ie. aeration and cleaning the lawn from felt (moss, lingering old grass, weeds), the working elements of which are numerous blades, mounted on rotating drums

Based on the type of drive, scarifiers are divided into manual, electric or battery-powered and petrol scarifiers.

  • A manual (mechanical) scarifier is a type of rake equipped with narrow, dagger-shaped teeth that cut into the soil to a depth of several cm. Such rakes may have wheels, which makes them easier to guide[2].
  • Electric scarifiers, due to their power, are suitable for smaller areas (up to approx. 600 square meters).
  • Diesel scarifiers can be used on acreages ranging from several hundred to several thousand square meters.

There are also 2-in-1 devices (the so-called Combi system - two rollers) combining the function of a scarifier and aerator in one device (for example. HECHT, OLEO-MAC, NAC)[3].

There are also scarifiers in the form of a tractor attachment, designed for long-term intensive work on very large areas.

Top quality combustion scarifiers

Any lover of beautiful lawns knows that it takes a lot of work and a lot of time to keep them in such condition. One of the most difficult, hardest tasks is scarification. However, the process of cutting the "felt" that forms in the lawn, i.e. the compacted tangle of roots, rhizomes and dried grass, and thus aerating the soil, can be improved with Oleo-Mac scarifiers. Equipped with high-powered internal combustion engines, blades made of excellent steel, ergonomic and safe housing - ensure smooth, comfortable and trouble-free operation. Even intended for amateur use, Oleo-Mac's smallest-powered scarifier will perform well in a large garden. And professional gardeners can rely on excellent Japanese, economical high-powered motors and a wide range of cutting depth adjustment. Hardened blades work well in any type of soil, even the very compact and cohesive ones. They will also allow the elimination of weeds, better growth of seedlings. These professional machines are characterized by stability, smooth ride and comfortable use in all conditions.

What a scarifier is useful for?

Wanting a nice, well-kept lawn does not make it unnecessary to have an aerator or scarifier. Especially before and after the season, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of our lawn. Aerators and scarifiers will help you keep your grass healthy and fresh - get rid of excess shriveled grass, other plants that can prevent access to air, water and nutrients. They are used especially in spring, when the grass begins to grow, and in autumn, when the grass finishes its growth.

As a drive it is most often used electric motor. Such a drive is virtually maintenance-free, and its use is very simple. Devices with a combustion engine are suitable for areas without access to electricity, and larger acreages.

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