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Diesel generators

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Diesel generators are tasked with keeping the electrical system fully operational when there is a power outage. They are equipped with internal combustion engines, whose job is to actively produce energy - and as it happens with internal combustion engines, they also need a propellant. At your disposal are diesel-powered generators.

Diesel Generators

Generators that have a diesel engine on board are mainly noiseless operation, which every user cares about. Diesel generators up to 10 kW are an efficiently air-cooled unit, with a choice of one or three phases. Silenced housing, which has been strictly designed to guarantee high operating culture.

We are an Authorized dealer of generator sets. We offer a wide range of single-phase and three-phase portable units, as well as stationary power generators for continuous power supply and emergency (backup) power supply. Diesel generators work successfully in both households and workshops. The diesel generator generally serves there as a backup or additional source of electricity, it can also be used in field conditions. Large manufacturing plants, power plants, hospitals and health centers also use generators. The prices of the products depend on their power and other technical data that the diesel generator has. Our power generators guarantee civilian safety by providing electricity in case of grid outages.

Diesel generators in the offer of the store

Diesel generators ensure uninterrupted machine operation thanks to innovative ATS system. When there is a power outage on the grid, ATS-equipped units automatically turn on. Such innovations are appreciated by all customers who need constant access to electricity.

Choice of diesel generators

Diesel generators are intuitive to use. Control handles located in easy-to-reach places allow you to start and stop work quickly. Powerful drive unit mounted inside guarantees trouble-free operation of connected electronic devices.

Highest aggregate performance thanks to diesel engine

In order to provide you with a top-quality assortment that will work in emergency situations, we offer portable diesel generators with excellent performance and durability. Like us, our customers also recognize the many advantages of diesel-powered gensets - they are characterized not only by up to 3 times savings but also by unrivaled reliability. A diesel genset is a great solution - just!

Diesel generator set - your way to energy independence!

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