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Soil compactors and rammers

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We offer some of the most respected compactors on the market from HECHT and DEDRA, which focuses on the highest quality of materials and technology used in production. Our store has an assortment of equipment with weights from 60 to 130 kg, which allows you to perform construction work efficiently. They are a combination of high performance and easy operation, and they work well on a variety of soils as well as pavers. Our range includes a beater for the professional and semi-professional, and the wide range of capabilities makes it ideal for gardening, landscaping, as well as road maintenance. The machines also come with rubber mats to protect against damage when working on paving stones.

Compactor (e.g., vibratory compactor, plate compactor, "jumper") - a machine used to compact the subsoil (soil, pavement) through the process of vibration. The working element is a metal plate excited by a vibrating system driven by an electric or combustion engine.

The vibrating system of the compactor is usually built with one or two eccentric rollers placed directly on the vibrating plate in a sealed housing.

Compactors are commonly used for small construction jobs, compacting the ground for laying cables, paving stones, road repairs, working in hard-to-reach areas.

Parameters defining compacts:

  • compactor weight (kg)
  • dimensions of the compactor working plate (mm)
  • vibration frequency (Hz)
  • value of centrifugal force (kN)
  • compaction depth (cm)
  • working speed (m/s)

There are several types of compactors:

  • hand-guided
  • manually guided (reversible)
  • reversible -self-sliding
  • rolling
  • attached to machines (such as tractors)
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