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Hydrophones, Water Pumps and Motor Pumps

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We will supply the garden and house with water using surface pumps, submersible pumps or hydrophores. On cultivation and recreation plots, a pump will come in handy to irrigate our plants from the rainwater tank. In occasional situations, drainage pumps for clean water, dirty water and submersible septic tank pumps will come in handy. If, on the other hand, we have a well dug in the garden, let's choose a submersible pump.Offer of pumps and hydrophores of EWIMAX is equipment from respected manufacturers: OLEO-MAC, HECHT and CEDRUS . The range of pumps and hydrophores includes an extensive selection of submersible pumps, which are used in wells, to lower groundwater levels and to power garden irrigation systems.

Garden pumps are one of those devices whose usefulness we can convince ourselves of when it is in short supply (such as in emergency situations: flooding of the basement or basement after heavy rains, flooding or a burst pipe). Garden pumps will also be appreciated where there is no access to water supply, for example, an allotment will allow us to water the plants with water from a rainwater tank or well. It also allows us to save tap water around the house, such as washing the car with collected water. Before buying, let's make sure what kind of pump we have in mind - whether it is to feed contaminated, dirty or clean water for further use? In the case of pumps for dirty and clean water, the important parameters are the power and efficiency of these devices. The maximum lift height may also be an important value.The product range also extends to full hydrophore sets, as well as separately available hydrophore tanks and separately available hydrophore pumps. Our customers can also choose from many models of submersible pumps. In this category we offer septic tank and sewage pumps and drainage pumps. The offer also includes rainwater pumps, allowing you to use the collected water to water plants in the garden.In the category of pumps and hydro pumps, we also offer our customers other, more specialized equipment, for example, practical combustion pumps that will come in handy in places without access to electricity, as well as circulation pumps for inducing water flow in heating or cooling systems.Electric pumps are the most popular for amateur use, but there are also high-performance diesel pumps on the market. Submersible pumps are equipped with an additional float.

With our pumps, you can easily pump water out of barrels and tanks! Pumps are good helpers for irrigation or pumping water. We have, pumps for clean water and for dirty water. In case of lack of electricity at the place of use, you can use our pumps with internal combustion engine.

We also offer electric fountains, which can serve as an effective decorative element for a pond.

Motor pumps and water pumps

This equipment, used for pumping clean and dirty water from various types of water bodies. Because of their functionality, they are used in gardening or construction. Have great importance in industry, farms or rescue units. They are also perfect for firefighters. A motopump is a portable unit that consists of an internal combustion engine, a centrifugal pump and a float. It is equipped with a practical handle that makes it portable. Due to the size and type we distinguish between portable and mobile motor pumps.

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