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Fluids and oils for lawnmowers and tractors

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For companies and individuals using combustion garden tools, we recommend a variety of fluids and oils for mowers, scythes, soilers, sweepers, chainsaws, tractors and power units. These are the products necessary to guarantee the smooth operation of many categories of internal combustion tools equipped with two-stroke or four-stroke engines.

Technical fluids for internal combustion garden tools

For users of various categories of tools powered by internal combustion engines, two-stroke or four-stroke, we have prepared sets of various technical fluids dedicated to them. In the vast majority of cases, these are engine oils, as well as oils for lubricating chains, various types of gears and guides, and hydraulic oils for machines equipped with hydraulic systems. In the offer of Ewimax you will also find a repair kit that allows you to perform service work related to the need to extract fuel or oil from the engine. If you're interested in brand-name fluids and oils for lawnmowers and other gardening equipment, the store features products from companies such as Hecht, Cedrus and Briggs&Stratton.

Using the right grade of engine oil and changing it regularly is the way to extend the life of any type of garden tool equipped with an internal combustion engine. Check which fluids and oils for lawnmowers and other machines we currently offer and order those that match the technical parameters of the equipment you operate. We invite you to place orders!

Oils, lubricants

Refilling or changing the oil in gardening machines is essential for their proper operation. Which oil to choose? First of all, pay attention to its application. We divide engine oils into oils for four-stroke engines (require seasonal replacement) and two-stroke engines (these require the fuel/oil mixture to be prepared according to the correct ratio). When changing the oil, pay attention to the viscosity and capacity of the oil sump. You'll also find chainsaw oils for chain and bar lubrication, as well as oils for gearboxes. Lubricants will be suitable for lubricating parts such as gears and bearings. In addition to reducing friction, the grease will further protect parts from corrosion.

Oil for lawnmowers, or take care of machine maintenance

Taking care of the garden involves the use of a variety of equipment, for example, saws and mowers. Proper care of equipment will allow you to enjoy it longer, and save not only money, but also time spent on work around the house. All gardening machinery should be properly maintained to serve you long and efficiently. Especially such parts as motors, chains, gears and guides need proper care and protection so that they function properly and do not require frequent replacements.

Oil for a petrol lawnmower or scythe will help you take optimum care of the equipment so that it can be used successfully for as long as possible. At you will find a wide selection of various accessories to improve the operation of lawnmowers and tractors, chainsaws, snowblowers or other equipment needed when working on the property.

If you also use sharp shears in your garden, you can significantly extend their life. That is why in our offer you will find not only oil for scythe, but also for other cutting devices. These are universal preparations that you will also use in secateurs and saws. And if you find that the door hinges need maintenance, no problem! Scythe oil in the form of a spray are also versatile products.

Among the products we offer you will find oils designed for the care of two-stroke and four-stroke engines. We offer, among others, agents from brands such as Airpress, Diall, Jasol, Ekomax, Makita or Nevada, which will help you choose the preparation that best suits your needs. Oil for petrol scythe is one way to extend the life of equipment.

Take note oil for a lawn mower is available in packages of various capacities. That's why you'll find liter, two-liter or much smaller packs here. In this way you will make a supply for the future or allocate oil for the scythe whether mowers at one time.

Lawnmower oil - why you should use it?

Oil for garden machinery will help you reduce the risk of malfunctions and improve the performance of your equipment. The right preparation for the mower ensures proper heat dissipation, which prolongs the life of the equipment. The task of the agent for garden machinery is also to protect them from the occurrence of high-temperature deposits and dangerous corrosion.

If you are no stranger to gardening, you are sure to store mowers and saws in your basement or utility room. Regardless of the manufacturer, the type of device and the way it works, you need to take care of its regular maintenance. In the case of chainsaws, it is necessary to oil both table and handheld models.

You will find preparations that you will use for two-stroke and four-stroke engines, i.e. lawnmowers, chainsaws or trimmers. This significantly reduces the risk of mechanical damage occurring. These are also useful preparations for specialized machines such as snowblowers.

Complementing our offer in this category are also products that facilitate oil and fuel extraction, if you carry out service of compressors and pumps, lawnmowers or soilers in your workshop.

You will find the products in our range useful for both household and maintenance of more specialized equipment. Therefore, at you will also find oil for lawnmower tractor. In this case, it is better to look at synthetic products. Oil for lawnmower tractor this type guarantees thermal stability, so it performs well at low and high temperatures.

Choosing the right formulation can make it a bit difficult for you - as you have to decide whether you need a synthetic, mineral product, for a two-stroke or four-stroke mower. Check out the formulations we have prepared and choose the garden machinery oil that best meets your needs.

What to look for when choosing oil for lawnmowers and brushcutters?

You have a huge lawn and often use the mower to remove overgrown sections of turf? To make the device serve you for as long as possible, opt for the right maintenance product. Properly selected oil for your mower will help you avoid wearing out your engine too quickly. Pay special attention to the type of preparation - mineral and synthetic agents are available. How they differ?

Synthetic oil for petrol lawnmower perfectly copes with the protection of a very powerful device. You will successfully use a machine protected with such a preparation when the temperature outside is extremely high. Lawnmower oil can also handle very long work, so it's a good option if you need to take care of mowing a lawn over a large area. Importantly, synthetic formulations are also suitable for operation at low temperatures. Mineral oil for garden machinery will be suitable if you have a small mower. Remember not to pour such a product into high-powered devices. This is because the product may cause the engine to overheat.

Choosing between synthetic and mineral oil is not the only thing you need to pay attention to when deciding on a protective formulation. Also important is the type of device with which you carry out work in the garden. If you have a two-stroke lawn mower, you will certainly know that it lacks a special place for the protection product. Fuel mixture oil has the necessary solvent in its composition to facilitate the mixing of two elements. In our assortment you will find a product distinguished by less smoke emission. Lawnmower oil two-stroke will provide you with comfortable operation of the device, which thanks to it will maintain a significantly longer service life.

With a four-stroke mower, you have the option of an additional oil pan. When choosing a formulation for such a device, pay particular attention to its viscosity. The parameter is responsible for the possibility of using the product during low and high temperatures. If it is too cold for the agent, it may become too thick. This will make it impossible to turn on the engine and thus carry out the planned work around the house. If the temperature is too high for a given formulation, the garden machinery oil will become too watery and thus will not provide adequate protection.

You use a power saw? You need the right product to protect it? You can find saw oil in our assortment. With this preparation you will protect the guides and chains, which will translate into the ability to use them longer. When deciding on this preparation, check its viscosity - if it is high, the protective layer will not remove under the action of the device. When choosing chain lubrication oil, also pay attention to the product's resistance to high and low temperatures. The color of the preparation can be red or green. When deciding on an oil for two-stroke engines, pay attention to the agent with the color that was previously in the device.

Oil for petrol scythe it should also have packaging that makes it much easier to dispense the product. A handy handle or an indicator of the amount of liquid inside are great conveniences. It is worth paying attention to oil for petrol scythe was as effective as possible

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