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Branch chippers and shredders

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Almost every person who has had to deal with the task of cleaning up trees and shrubs at least once is aware of the problematic branches and twigs that have to be dealt with. To meet these problems come out chippers and shredders for branches which we are pleased to present in this category.

Thanks to them, every allotment holder and every farmer will gain a device that will make it child's play to deal with broken or cut branches, thus gaining matter ideal for mulching or compost.

Types of branch shredders

In our wide range you can get high-end tools, including both diesel and electric shredders - so that everyone can choose which version is more in line with their capabilities and preferences.

The most important thing, however, is that the products we offer are safe and proven, available in both electric and diesel versions, so we are sure that we put only the best in the hands of our customers. We encourage you to take advantage of this attractive offer!

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Branch shredder essential for gardening work

The branch shredder makes it possible to effectively clean up the green space, so we can keep our garden in good shape. This device will help you get rid of branches pruned while caring for trees and shrubs whether in an orchard or on a home plot. Find out why you should have a shredder in your garden.

Is it worth buying a branch shredder?

Pruning trees and shrubs or cleaning up broken twigs are duties that await us during the spring and autumn season. However, with pruned or stripped branches, we often don't know what to do, and without a proper place to store them, the growing pile will become an increasing aesthetic problem for our garden.

In such a situation, it is worth taking the help of special equipment. The shredder - as the name suggests - will, in the blink of an eye will shred twigs, sticks, leaves and branches for us, so you can quickly get rid of them from the garden and bring order to it. However, the advantages do not end there. The resulting shredded chips can be used for mulching flower beds, protecting plants from low temperatures or as valuable material for compost. The versatile nature of the branch shredder makes it ideal for both the professional fruit grower and the casual allotment holder.

What to look for when buying a branch shredder?

When considering the purchase of branch shredder, you are certainly wondering what to pay attention to. Choosing the right shredder will depend on individual needs. Take a look at individual parameters such as type of drive, motor power or maximum branch diameter. It is also worth noting whether the model we choose has a container for chips and a safety system that will allow us to work safely.

Which branch shredder - petrol or electric?

Most manufacturers offer internal combustion and electric models, so the first thing to do is to see what benefits each can offer us.

If you run an orchard or garden with a lot of trees and shrubs, you will need a shredder with a higher engine power in the range of 1.2 hp to 6 hp, and such will be guaranteed to you by a diesel-powered shredder. This device can much better cope with prolonged work and a large amount of processed material. The combustion models will also allow you to shred larger diameter branches. Another advantage is that there is no power cord, so you can work in a large area and in places where there is no access to a permanent power source. The downside of petrol shredders is less mobility due to its larger size and noisy mode of operation.

Electric branch shredder is the perfect solution for a private garden. Motor power in the range of 1.2 kW to 2.8 kW can easily cope with cutting small branches from domestic trees and shrubs. The advantages of the electric shredder are compact size and quieter operation, while one of the limitations is the need to provide power in the ordered location.

The branch shredder is an indispensable aid for cleaning up the orchard or garden. In the offer of EWIMAX you will find a wide range of modern shredders with which you will effectively take care of green space.

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