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Generator set - which one to buy ?
Enthusiasts of camping, outdoor events or allotment holders whose property is not supplied with electricity know how indispensable a device in such places is a generator. The generator is also sometimes helpful during power outages in single-family homes. What actually is a generator and how to choose a power generator for your needs?
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How to Store Gardening Equipment for Winter
When Our gardening equipment has done a lot of work throughout the season it is now time to take care of it. If we neglect maintenance now, it could cost us a lot of effort or a visit to the workshop in the spring to regain the efficiency of the equipment again.
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The Way to a Beautiful Lawn - Lawn Care

The basic prerequisite for a healthy lawn is its proper foundation. If you really want to have thick grass in the garden, never cultivate it just by mowing and fertilizing regularly.Even a properly established lawn needs to be replenished from time to time with the right seeds, fertilizer and get rid of weeds.

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Which Snowblower to Choose for Winter - We Help and Suggestions

Winter is approaching, and you're already anxiously thinking about getting up early - because you need to shovel snow from the path, sidewalk, or road to the garage? Leaving your warm bed in favor of even a few minutes of work with a snow shovel just can't sound appealing, especially when you're in a hurry to get to work. That's why snowblowers have been growing in popularity for several years, and the wide selection and wide price range make it easy to match the machine to your needs.

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Protecting Irrigation Systems in Winter

Failure to disconnect the irrigation system for the winter is a serious risk that, with the arrival of the first frost, could be a disaster. As soon as the mercury of the thermometer begins to move to 4 ° C, it is a sign that frosts will not wait long.

If water in an irrigation system freezes, it usually damages the most sensitive and costly parts. Everyone knows that water expands when it freezes. The pressure exerted by the ice on the surroundings is really high, and even a massive steel pipe is not a problem when freezing water.Even more damage will be caused by frozen water in the solenoid valve, pump, irrigation nozzles and other system components.

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How to Operate a Wood Splitter

Hydraulic wood splitter is a very simple machine, so simple that if you do not follow a few rules of operation, you can hurt yourself.

The hydraulic wood splitter works on the principle of a piston pushing a piece of wood against a sharpened steel wedge with a force of several tons - in this case 7t. The pressure of the hydraulic fluid is produced by a pump driven by an electric motor.

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How to Save Thousands of Gold on Firewood?

Now is the time to prepare wood for winter. Many companies will deliver them sliced and chopped, but it's not free. If you make your own wood, you can save thousands

It is said that the wood should heat up twice. First cut and second time in the oven. Long gone are the days when our grandparents spent several days preparing wood. Today, fortunately, we can get powerful labor helpers to quickly pay for the savings in the cost of buying lumber and chopping wood.

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