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Norton Clipper has expanded its range of belt cutters with the CB311 , CB511 and CB651
Norton Clipper has expanded its range of belt cutters with the addition of two models: CB311 and CB651, which complement the CB511 model successfully implemented in 2016. These cutters make it easier for customers to cut through cellular concrete blocks, hollow blocks and other soft building materials. All 3 models have been designed with different maximum cutting depths, offering the flexibility of choice for specific requirements.
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 How to take care of the engine of a petrol scythe ?
Unlike four-stroke engines, two-stroke engines do not have separate lubrication. The design of the two-stroke engine simply does not allow it. Two-stroke engines are ideal for powering small and lightweight machinery, such as chainsaws, trimmers, leaf blowers, etc.
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It's high time to get your machine ready for the season!

There is not much work in our gardens in winter. At the moment the gardening equipment is idle, so take some time to maintain it.

In our last article, we wrote about the importance of not neglecting batteries. Equally important is proper care of gardening tools and equipment, so that in the spring we are not surprised by problems. The first machine you go to the garden in spring will probably be a mower.

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Don't forget the batteries ! Battery Maintenance in Winter
More and more types of machines are powered by batteries, or rather rechargeable batteries. Whether it's lawnmowers, e-bikes, electric scooters, ATVs and other equipment, it's important to take proper care of the battery in winter. Most of the equipment is turned off in the winter, and as is sometimes said: "What goes out of sight, goes out of mind". However, forgetting the battery can be quite expensive. Materials (such as lead or lithium) are used in the production of virtually all types of commonly used batteries, which are not among the cheapest, so the price of batteries is a significant part of the cost of purchasing the entire machine. Therefore, it certainly pays not to neglect anything and thus prevent damage to the battery.
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