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Norton Clipper has expanded its range of belt cutters with the CB311 , CB511 and CB651

Norton Clipper has expanded its range of belt cutters with the CB311 , CB511 and CB651

Norton Clipper has expanded its range of belt cutters with the addition of two models: CB311 and CB651, which complement the CB511 model successfully implemented in 2016. These cutters make it easier for customers to cut through cellular concrete blocks, hollow blocks and other soft building materials. All 3 models have been designed with different maximum cutting depths, offering the flexibility of choice for specific requirements. 

Norton Clipper CB311 - the smallest and safest cutter in the range

Specifically designed for dry cutting lightweight building blocks such as those made of aerated fireclay and cellular concrete, the hallmark of this belt cutter is its combination of improved performance, exceptional reliability and rugged durability. The CB311's stability comes from its stabilized feet, which are specially designed to increase the comfort of an operator standing on uneven terrain.

Good stuff in a small box

CB311 is the smallest band saw in the Norton Clipper range. The ergonomic design includes a galvanized folding table, so it can be stored in a relatively small space when not in use. Unlike other belt cutters, the CB311 is compact enough, can fit comfortably in most cranes when working at height, can fit through standard doorways, and can be transported in a van when necessary.

The band saw is equipped with a Norton Extreme Band 2950 mm blade, so you can start precision cutting right out of the box.


The feature that makes this cutter the safest in the Norton Clipper range and differentiates it from the lower-quality models on the market is the vigilant. This feature means that both hands of the operator must be on the handle for the machine to operate. If the operator releases one (or both) hands, the blade will stop. This aspect of the CB311 makes it extremely safe to use and is therefore ideal for customers who are required to comply with strict environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations in the workplace.

New Norton Clipper CB651 - for cutting up to 645mm deep

Like the CB311, the CB651 Norton Clipper band saw is designed for dry cutting of lightweight building blocks. Features a galvanized folding table for long life, easy storage and durability. As with all Norton Clipper belt cutters, little maintenance is required beyond normal cleaning. Product reliability is a key benefit.

High performance, easy maneuverability

Equipped with a lifting ring, dual lifting rails and casters in the base; both CB651 and CB511 are easy to move when needed. Lifting by crane, forklift or even by hand is possible.

Safe and clean

Since safety is at the heart of this product range, the CB511 and CB651 models have a built-in safety switch that stops the blade at the end of each cut, thus reducing the possibility of an accident and ultimately protecting the operator.

To keep the work area clean and as dust-free as possible, both models have a built-in dust outlet that can be easily connected to a vacuum cleaner, such as the Norton Clipper CV360 vacuum cleaner - the ideal partner for band saws.

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