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Air Conditioner or Portable Air Conditioner - How to survive the summer heat?
The summer heat is here again and many of us are starting to look for a way to at least relieve the heat of our home. In some cases, an ordinary fan is sufficient, but it should not be too loud, and it should be safe, so that its blades can not hurt anyone. In addition, if the interior does not look like a tasteless mechanical monster, this is also a big plus. Modern column fans meet it all.
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New components of Fuel E10 for gasoline 95
Due to European Union regulations from 2020. engine gasoline composition has changed slightly.
In the case of E10 bioethanol - it needs a higher temperature for firing, so this may cause minor firing difficulties.
E10 gasoline is suitable for Hecht equipment, but it should be noted that bioethanol evaporates faster, so water separation may occur over time.
This can cause engine failures, so remember not to use fuel that has stood in the tank for more than 30 days.
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Seven tips on how to prepare your HECHT mower for the season.
Seven tips to get your HECHT mower ready for the season.

If you intend to properly prepare your neglected lawnmower, it's high time to do it before the upcoming season. The easiest way is to entrust the equipment to an authorized service center, but if you are skilled enough, you will be able to do most of the work yourself.
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How to Choose the Right HECHT Pool

Our Republic is one of the world's world powers. Even if it's hard to find a garden that doesn't have an older galvanized water tub ready for a refreshing day on a hot day, there are still many people who have decided to buy their first pool. And this article is dedicated to them.

No, we will not deal with the construction of large underground swimming pools here. It is safer to leave this work to specialized companies. However, it does not seem that choosing the right above-ground swimming pool , which you build in the garden, may have traps.

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Pond in the Garden
Although you can find dozens of reliable instructions on how to build a pond in the garden, you usually do not know anything essential, and it is very likely that sooner or later you will get into trouble, building self-help according to this universal guide. The construction of a joint or pond always has different characteristics that cannot be summarized in a one-size-fits-all manual.
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Winter in the Garden
Winter is the time when plants rest in our gardens. The mercury of the thermometer, often unexpectedly wandering from zero above well below zero, will not allow for more complex work or adjustments.However, many garden owners limit their winter activities to scouring the access roads and taking care of the garden, which is often forgotten in the winter. So what can we do in the garden in winter and what should we avoid?
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