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Trunk and root milling machine a way to remove debris after tree felling
After felling - especially of large trees that are several years old - very often the land is left uneven and problematic for re-development. So how to effectively and effortlessly get rid of the remnants of the fragments sticking out of the ground? The perfect solution in such a situation will be a stump and root milling machine, which is an extremely useful device that makes it easier to uproot the stumps left after felled trees. Which model, then, will prove most effective in your garden?
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Chain excavator for excavation - which one to choose? best ?
Very often when establishing a garden or rearranging it, it is necessary to dig a trench of a certain length. Without professional equipment, it will not only require a great deal of effort to carry out, but will also take a very long time to do so. Therefore, it is advisable to enlist the help of a high-quality device such as a chain excavator. How it works and what kind of work it will be particularly useful for?
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 Hecht at Dakar ! DAKAR 2022
We have written about the advantages of cordless tools many times before. However, when we wrote that you can work with it anywhere without any restrictions on the length of power cables, it probably didn't occur to anyone that "anywhere" could be, for example, in the middle of the desert. And it was during one of the toughest tests: the 2022 Dakar Rally.
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Why bet on CEDRUS brand gardening equipment

CEDRUS is one of Poland's largest distributors of machinery and gardening tools and parts and accessories for the forest and garden. Our goal is to supply customers with the highest quality products, from the best suppliers in the world, at the most competitive prices possible.

CEDRUS was established in December 1993. In the beginning we distributed petrol chainsaws and spare parts. Since 2007, we have been offering imported machines. Each year we expand our product range to best meet the needs and expectations of our customers. All our equipment meets the necessary European standards and has the appropriate certificates.
In 2014 we became part of a large Polish capital group. We are currently the fastest growing company in the horticulture and forestry industry in our country, with the most comprehensive offerings.

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Which lawn mowing garden tractor should I choose?
Mowing the grass is a difficult and lengthy activity. We use different kinds of tools for it. Some of the most efficient of these are garden tractors. These devices allow you to cut a significantly larger area of lawn than traditional mowers. The garden tractor is also convenient to use, as we can sit on it and steer it while seated. This is definitely the best choice for any large garden.
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