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Why are the trees painted white in winter ?

Why are the trees painted white in winter ?
Why trees are painted white?

Have you also noticed that in some orchards the trees have their trunks painted white and wonder why this ?

Winter season can cause a number of problems for trees. Large temperature fluctuations are not good for trees, but a cold, sunny day can be even worse. The sun leans on the south side of the trunk and warms it, while the north side remains cool in the shade. In the evening, the frost quickly cools the sun-warmed trunk and the temperature difference can then exceed 20°C. As a result, frost cracks can form in the bark and wood, irreversibly damaging the tree. Cracked tree thrives, cracks are gateway for diseases and pests.

The white color reflects light, so the trunk will not get as hot in the sun. But lime paint also has other advantages. Eliminates pests under the bark, destroys even fungal spores. It also destroys mosses and lichens.

You can buy the paint in a garden store, but you can simply mix it at home with lime and water. Although it is best to apply paint in autumn before the first frost arrives, frost cracks most often appear in January and February, so it may not be too late. The tree must be painted from the ground to the branches. Usually you only need to paint once a season, but if, for example, heavy rains wash away the paint, it is a good idea to renew it by spring.

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