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Why bet on CEDRUS brand gardening equipment

Why bet on CEDRUS brand gardening equipment

Cedrus what a company ?

CEDRUS is one of Poland's largest distributors of machinery and gardening tools and parts and accessories for the forest and garden. Our goal is to supply customers with the highest quality products, from the best suppliers in the world, at the most competitive prices possible.

CEDRUS was established in December 1993. In the beginning we distributed petrol chainsaws and spare parts. Since 2007, we have been offering imported machines. Each year we expand our product range to best meet the needs and expectations of our customers. All our equipment meets the necessary European standards and has the appropriate certificates.
In 2014 we became part of a large Polish capital group. We are currently the fastest growing company in the horticulture and forestry industry in our country, with the most comprehensive offerings.

We sell more than 100 machines and more than 10,000 parts and accessories. We are a direct distributor of more than 50 renowned brands, from more than 80 manufacturers around the world, mainly on an exclusive basis.

Since 2016, we have also been developing a line of private label products.

In our offer everyone will find something for you. We offer both machines for professional and domestic use, spare parts for these machines, parts for very many other devices operating on the market, accessories, consumables, health and safety articles, tools, etc.

Brands of gardening equipment and accessories are really many. In Poland, popular manufacturers include STIGA, MAKITA and ECHO. Specialists also recommend equipment with the CEDRUS logo to customers. This company is famous for its trouble-free, powerful and functional lawn mowers or garden tractors. A big advantage of CEDRUS equipment is also that it combines the quality of the premium segment with the price of economy equipment. Not surprisingly, they are purchased by home garden owners, as well as construction, gardening and forestry companies.

A few words about the manufacturer CEDRUS

Until a few years ago, CEDRUS was primarily engaged in the distribution of gardening and construction equipment from the world's top 50 manufacturers. Twenty-five years of experience in the industry and excellent knowledge of customer needs have led the CEDRUS brand to bet on developing its own technology. Since 2016, the company has been producing high-end gardening equipment that has quickly conquered the domestic market. They are also popular in Germany and other European countries.


And as for the sale of equipment signed with the CEDRUS logo, you can buy it only from the best distributors in Poland. The company offers an extensive training package for its dealers, and allows customers to test the machines. It is therefore worth emphasizing that the success of the CEDRUS brand is also influenced by the activities of other stores. They are the ones who effectively make the domestic manufacturer famous among their own individual and business customers. The flagship products of CEDRUS are the CEDRUS RB02 / CEDRUS RB03 / CEDRUS RB04 chippers and the largest CEDRUS RB05 .

Comprehensive garden care with CEDRUS equipment

Cedrus Birchwood has Very Good Reviews . Vendors emphasize that CEDRUS is a brand that offers a variety of gardening equipment that work well for both home gardens and commercial gardens, parks, squares and other public green spaces. Thus, the equipment of the Polish brand is eagerly bought by individual, business and public customers, and at the MAGMA distributor they will find a truly wide range of technologically latest mowers, tractors and sweepers and saws.

CEDRUS in recent years has grown in Poland to be one of the largest producers of gardening equipment, releasing a variety of their models for comprehensive garden care. Among the most popular devices are:

  • garden tractors tractors
  • hand mowers, combustion, electric, rechargeable,
  • mowing works
  • Wood splitters
  • electric and cordless pruning machines
  • rippers
  • battery tractors
  • mowing works
  • cordless scythes and trimmers
  • battery blowers
  • sweepers
  • high-pressure cleaners

The company also has a lot of high-end equipment for the construction industry. The offer includes innovative machines that other manufacturers do not have. An example is cEDRUS TR300 construction hauler, which provides efficient transport of heavy loads without any effort.

High quality CEDRUS gardening equipment

CEDRUS gardening equipment is distinguished by its quality. It concerns both the performance and the robustness of the structure. Sales consultants stress that cEDRUS lawn mowers or tractors are characterized by excellent performance, energy efficiency, low noise levels, ease of operation and trouble-free operation. In addition, they are not among the very expensive devices. You can also count on service care under long-term manufacturer and store warranties. What else has earned the CEDRUS brand its popularity?

Polish manufacturer strives to develop technologies not only distinguished by high performance, functionality and versatility of application. CEDRUS designers follow innovation with machines that are comfortable and easy to use. They are also distinguished by interesting technical solutions. For example cedrus garden tractors from the Challenge product line are equipped with hydrostatic transmissions. They may also have grass grinding inserts, as well as rear ejection deflectors. The advantage of the Cedrus Challenge AJ 92/16H tractor also features ductile iron blade adapters, special lights for dusk work, bearing-mounted wheels, as well as 6 height adjustment positions of the mowing apparatus. The list of innovations that CEDRUS manufacturer uses in its equipment is longer. It's worth asking vendors about them

Why choose our company and our products? This is what characterizes us and sets us apart from other companies in the market:

  • We have over 25 years of experience in the industry
  • We employ highly qualified staff - more than 25 committed people, including 6 sales representatives
  • We provide a one-stop shop from the finest components to commercial garden tractors
  • We carefully select the highest quality products
  • We ship several hundred shipments daily from our central warehouse to the entire country, guaranteeing delivery within 24 hours of ordering
  • We care about innovation and novelty: we already have maintenance-free robots - automatic mowers or eco-friendly battery products
  • We offer an extensive training package for dealers and employees
  • We enable testing of machines - we organize and participate in dozens of annual demonstrations of the operation of our equipment
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