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Which lawn mowing garden tractor should I choose?

Which lawn mowing garden tractor should I choose?

Mowing the grass is a difficult and lengthy activity. We use different kinds of tools for it. Some of the most efficient of these are garden tractors. These devices allow you to cut a significantly larger area of lawn than traditional mowers. The garden tractor is also convenient to use, as we can sit on it and steer it while seated. This is definitely the best choice for any large garden.

Which garden tractor for mowing grass will be best? What to look out for?

Among the many garden tractors available for sale, you will find models with different prices and parameters. The cheapest garden tractor may not work in our garden. A very expensive model, on the other hand, may not realize its full potential. We will choose the right lawn mowing tractor by paying attention to several parameters. They are:


Most tractors have a four-stroke internal combustion engine. You can find models equipped with 1,2 or 3 cylinders. The latter will be the most powerful and usually have 4-wheel drive. Great for large, hilly gardens. However, for flat surfaces, basic engines with power from approx. 12KM.


The bigger it is, the faster we cut the grass. The narrow mowing width will make us take a longer route and spend more time mowing. Garden tractors have a mowing width that usually ranges from 60cm to over 100cm.


A larger range will allow us to cut the lawn to a greater or lesser length than a tractor with a small range. We may one day want to have a tall, evenly trimmed lawn.


Multifunction garden tractor will also be useful for us in autumn for collecting leaves or in winter for shoveling snow. This greatly increases its usefulness and it can be used all year round, thus replacing many other tools.


This function allows you to maintain the preset speed of the tractor without pressing the gas pedal. We accelerate our tractor, press the cruise control switch and take our foot off the accelerator, and the tractor will follow ahead at the set speed. An extremely useful feature when mowing large areas of grass.

What are the types of garden tractors?

Which garden tractor to buy? Ranking of garden tractors . What's the best garden tractor ?

Garden tractor which will be most suitable for home garden?

Choosing the right tractor for our garden depends mainly on the size and curvature of the grass area in our area. For very large lawns with a hilly shape, it is advisable to choose as large a high-powered tractor as possible. For smaller areas, there is no need to buy a very expensive and large tractor. Instead of paying extra for a more powerful engine or a larger working width, it is probably better to buy additional accessories to improve the functionality of the tractor, such as a snow plow. After all, what good is a very efficient and expensive tractor if it were to stand unused for six months.

Garden tractor for mowing grass - what else a garden tractor can be useful for?

Garden tractors often offer the possibility to buy additional accessories that increase their functionality. Thanks to them, we can easily use these devices in autumn to collect leaves, and in winter to shovel snow. A leaf picker and a plow will be used for this. We can also purchase a trailer, which will allow us to transport a larger amount of loose material, a kneading roller, spreader, sprayer or scarifier. The latter is especially useful for additional lawn care, as it allows you to clean the lawn of mosses, leaves, etc. The cost of each of these accessories is usually several hundred zlotys. Garden tractor with attachments is a huge friend to any gardener.

Garden tractor with scarifier - what's actually involved?

Garden tractor with scarifier is the best combination for mowing, as well as cleaning the grass. The rear attachment for a tractor called a scarifier is equipped with spring-loaded tines that lightly penetrate the soil. As they go, they pick up any moss, debris, leaves, and other items lingering in the lawn. The functioning of the scarifier is very easily compared to that of a comb. For a good quality scarifier you will pay approx. 500zł.

Garden tractor diesel, diesel, or maybe electric?

Garden tractors come in variants with different drive varieties. They can be powered by gasoline or diesel internal combustion engines, as well as electric motors. The most popular are four-stroke gasoline engines. These are good, proven and durable solutions. Diesel models are more expensive, but tend to have slightly better performance. Electric tractors are powered by electricity, which they store in their batteries. Before we start mowing, we should check their charge level to avoid having to stop work and charge the tractor. Typically, electric models are expensive solutions, and their operating time on fully charged cells is up to 3 hours. For home use, any drive variant will be fine. If you prefer classic solutions and do not want to worry about the need for frequent battery charging, choose a model with a combustion engine. On the other hand, if you want quieter operation and want to take care of the environment, you should be interested in an electric model.

Garden tractor mower in the largest size.

Garden tractor, compared to traditional mowers, immediately gives the impression of a huge machine. However, what is the actual difference in the working width of these solutions? Electric lawn mowers cut grass at widths typically between 30 and 40cm. Models with internal combustion engines are slightly larger and more powerful, and usually have a working width of 40 to 50cm. For garden tractors, this parameter is approx. 60cm. However, most models oscillate around 100cm. This means that by doing the mowing with a garden tractor you will travel about 2 times shorter distance compared to a typical mower. This directly translates into time saved - up to a dozen hours a month.

Multifunction garden tractor - what else a garden tractor can do?

Multifunction garden tractor can do much more than just cut grass. With additional attachments, we can use it for clearing grass, carrying heavy objects on a trailer, shoveling snow or collecting leaves. Garden tractor - lawn mower with accessories is a very versatile and useful tool in the garden all year round, not only in spring and summer. However, we don't have to buy a full set of accessories along with the tractor right away. To begin with, the tractor itself is enough, and over time, as our needs grow, we can buy more components.

Garden tractor with attachments - what equipment is important?

When choosing our garden tractor, we need to pay attention to several pieces of equipment. It is important that the model you choose has a large basket, preferably with the ability to empty it without having to get off the machine. Front lighting will come in handy when doing work in the evenings, as well as at night. Comfortable seat and steering wheel will allow you to mow for a long and comfortable time. One of the most important pieces of equipment is also the nozzle to which you connect the garden hose. The presence of a nozzle will allow us to conveniently and quickly wash the undercarriage elements of the tractor.

Garden tractor with plow - the perfect solution for snowy winter days

Shoveling snow in winter is as tiring as cutting grass. In addition, we have to contend with low temperatures and thick, less comfortable clothes. By buying a plow for the garden tractor, we can make this task much easier. Shoveling the snow from the driveway with a garden tractor will take a few minutes, and will not require the use of force at all. This is the best way to conveniently shovel snow in winter.

Garden tractor - how to use. Tips for new users

Using a garden tractor is not difficult. Surely any person can handle it. The largest control is the steering wheel, which is used to turn the wheels precisely. Behind it there is usually a dashboard with lights indicating the status of the device at the moment. The buttons or knobs from setting the lights or the lever for selecting the appropriate gear should be placed nearby. The speed of the vehicle is usually adjusted by pressing the accelerator pedal with enough force. Some models also have cruise control, which will allow you to maintain the desired speed as long as its switch remains depressed. Mowing height, on the other hand, is adjusted using a large, clearly marked lever. Garden mowers-tractors are therefore operated similarly to cars.

Is a garden tractor suitable for cutting grass in the garden?

Garden tractors cut grass with the same precision as good quality mowers. They do it faster because their working width is much wider, and they are also more convenient at the same time. We don't have to push them, and we don't have to walk at all. All the while sitting in a comfortable chair and controlling the device. Many models of tractors even have the ability to empty the basket without dismounting. So these are the best, but also the most expensive devices for mowing grass in larger gardens. For smaller areas such as 100m2 however, it is probably better to purchase an ordinary lawnmower, as this one will handle such a lawn quite efficiently, and we are unlikely to tire ourselves out. The time savings for a tractor would not be very large, and we would spend much more money.

Garden tractor or worth it? Advantages and disadvantages of the solution

Garden tractor is undoubtedly the most convenient device with which to efficiently trim any lawn. It is durable, reliable, fast and accurate. Driving it, we do not get tired, and when equipped with additional attachments, we can use it to shovel leaves, snow, clean lawns or carry large, heavy or loose materials. However, garden tractors are much more expensive than lawnmowers, and require a significant amount of space to store the vehicle and all accessories. They should also be provided with periodic service.

Which garden tractor to choose? Summary

Garden tractor is the best choice for those who value convenience and speed of mowing. Before making a final choice, however, we should check whether the product is compatible with additional converters, for example, for leaf collection or snow removal. You never know if in the future we may need various additional functionalities. Let's still check the most important parameters mentioned in this article. A garden tractor well suited to our needs will certainly serve us for many years to come.

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