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Choosing a garden mower tractor. What kind of self-propelled lawn mowing equipment to choose?

Choosing a garden mower tractor. What kind of self-propelled lawn mowing equipment to choose?

Owners of huge lawns are often forced to work for hours and care for their garden. In the long run, this activity is neither pleasant nor useful.

If we need to cut the grass at least once a week over a huge area, it is worth considering investing in a garden tractor. This quite large device, which actually looks like a tractor in a miniaturized version, can relieve the burden on the gardener.

Of course garden tractors come in many different models. They can not only mow the grass, but also spread it evenly or be equipped with a container to collect it. Some models act as an aerator, which aerates the soil and thus improves the appearance of the lawn. Others you can use all year round with overlays for leaf collection or special skids or winter wheel chains. However, the more features, the higher the price, but also the larger the size of the equipment - so think carefully about your needs.

What kind of lawn mower tractor?

When deciding to buy such a device, we are often guided by the price and the principle of the cheaper, the better, after all, this device is only to mow the grass. Unfortunately, such a solution does not work very well and often ends up in unnecessary loss of money, and the device languishes in our corner unused. Alternatively, leisure-type issues prevail during selection.

Interesting fact: not every mower, on which we can sit, is classified as a garden tractor. This possibility is still offered by riders, which, compared to lawnmower tractors, have fewer additional accessories and limited functionality. Garden tractors are often equipped with w sweeper, aerators (responsible for aerating the lawn), leaf pickers, a snowblower and snow chains.

What engine does the lawnmower tractor have? As a rule, these are four-stroke, single-cylinder units, whose structure is embedded in a frame made of steel profiles. More expensive models are sometimes equipped with automatic transmissions, as well as the transmission has several options for both forward and reverse gears. Multi-speed options work especially well when you want to combine the speed of grass cutting with precision. Depending on the model of the lawn mower tractor, the grass is ejected into the basket or to the side, and there are also versions that allow milling of the cut grass.

Choosing garden tractor note the position of the driver. The convenience and comfort of our work will depend on it. There is always an opportunity to check if you are comfortable in the chair. You also need to check whether you can freely reach the accelerator and brake pedals, observe the adjustment range of the seat.

Also very important is mower. It looks slightly different in each model and is suitable for different terrain. The most common is two rotating blades. Differences appear in the width of the area we mow. It should be selected according to the area of the lawn. The cutting unit can be located in two places: under the machine frame or in front of it. Those who want more precision and better access to nooks and crannies from their garden tractor should especially lean towards the second solution.

Useful accessories will certainly be grass catcher, which can be very easily mounted on the back of the tractor, and a rear deflector - responsible for evenly spreading the cut grass.

It should be noted, however, that ride-on lawn tractors are great for large areas with relatively few trees and shrubs. With a small plot of land and a high density of trees, plants, etc. maneuvering such equipment is severely hampered and not very efficient. In such situations, it is definitely better to buy rider, characterized by better maneuverability.

Capabilities of the lawnmower tractor

Garden tractor mower - versatile equipment for everyday challenges

A garden mower as a tractor is equipment whose capabilities make the challenges faced by owners of large gardens simpler and definitely more enjoyable.

Their purpose is not only to mow grass but also to be used as auxiliary equipment, for example, for snow removal.

The advanced lawn mower tractor has a number of features and capabilities that turn it from an ordinary piece of equipment into a versatile tool for exceptional tasks.

Exceptional capabilities of the garden mower tractor

In addition to the ordinary and well-known features of a garden tractor that most people know about, there are some that are completely unique to be mentioned.

Such features include:

  • centrally adjustable mowing height, which facilitates accurate lawn care;
  • differential lock, which significantly improves the traction of the garden mower tractor in difficult terrain;
  • a grubber that allows you to cut even very tall grass and brush;
  • mounted hydrostatic transmissions that allow smooth gear changes without having to stop the tractor;
  • high dump function, which is the ability to dump grass clippings directly onto the trailer without any effort;
  • the ability to change the width of mowing;
  • clear and functional dashboards on which all switches are clear and easy to use.

Other uses for the lawnmower tractor

Such equipment can be used not only for mowing and lawn care. There are various add-ons available on the market so that we can successfully use the garden tractor, for example, to aerate the lawn. They can also find use in leaf collection, some of the models are even enhanced with the function of shredding what he managed to collect. The end of the spring or autumn season does not mean putting the device aside, in winter it can effectively serve us as a snowblower.

It's easy to see that it's easy to create a multifunctional device out of a lawnmower tractor. With these devices, the same work can be done much faster, and by the way, let's not kid ourselves, have a lot of fun with it. If we decide on high-end equipment, we will be guaranteed that it will serve us for many years and will be an invaluable help when tidying up the garden.


Lawn mowing is quite a strenuous task, but it is necessary to undertake it from time to time in order to bring your garden into proper condition. In this situation, however, you need to get the right class of equipment so that you can quickly and effectively cut the grass. It can be useful especially garden tractor. However, it should have the appropriate specifications, so that you can get satisfactory lawn mowing results.

The right engine

First of all, a very important thing for a potential buyer will be engine located in the tractor. It is worth opting for motors:

  • single-cylinder,
  • four-stroke.

Thus, the user will ensure that the power of such an engine is adequate, and mowing the grass will no longer be a major problem for anyone. In addition, its important price. You should be prepared to spend about 4-6 thousand zlotys on it, but it is equipment which can be used for many months at a very high level.

Powerful mowing mechanism

Lawn tractor mower it must also have the appropriate mower. First of all, such a mechanism should allow the interested party to throw the grass to the side or directly into the basket placed in the mower. This will ensure that mowing goes smoothly and does not take a lot of time. Some tractors also have grass grinding function. It is worth opting for this option, because then the grass will fit in the basket much more.

An important issue is also garbage can capacity. It should be very capacious, which is especially useful when mowing grass on large areas, such as allotments.

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