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Chain excavator for excavation - which one to choose? best ?

Chain excavator for excavation - which one to choose? best ?

Very often when establishing a garden or rearranging it, it is necessary to dig a trench of a certain length. Without professional equipment, it will not only require a great deal of effort to carry out, but will also take a very long time to do so. Therefore, it is advisable to enlist the help of a high-quality device such as a chain excavator. How it works and what kind of work it will be particularly useful for?

What the chain excavator is used for?

Chain excavator is a professional device that from year to year is gaining popularity not only among operators of construction machinery, but also among owners of large gardens. This equipment will prove to be a help in particular during works requiring high precision. It can be used, for example, to dig trenches for laying electrical wiring around the house or setting up an irrigation system across the lot. This type of equipment has the ability to dig trenches from 20 to as deep as 60 centimeters.

Types of chain excavators

There are many types of chain excavators available on the market - among the most popular we can include manual devices and those with drive. How they differ? The former, thanks to their relatively small size, make it possible to reach hard-to-reach places - easily performs precision excavation near fences or other obstacles. Unfortunately, the lack of propulsion makes it quite tiring to use them on huge terrain. The latter are characterized by high efficiency and reliability - as they make it easier to excavate a trench without excessive damage to the ground around. What's more, the adjustable handle allows you to freely change settings that directly affect digging depth.

cEDRUS KP01 chain excavator

Purchase of a chain excavator

Before buying a chain excavator, it is worth paying attention to several basic elements that will indicate not only the functionality of the equipment, but also its service life. For starters, you need to take a gander at the power and capacity of the engine, which directly affects the speed of work. Another important aspect is also the width and depth of the excavation, as well as the number of teeth and the material they are made of - these parameters are crucial for the precision of the operations performed. It is also worth paying attention to whether the model we choose is equipped with pumped wheels and an ergonomic handle - these elements will allow high comfort in working with the device.

CEDRUS KP01 Chain Excavator

A model worth investing in is the following cEDRUS KP01 chain excavator. Thanks to its powerful motor and robust design, this device stands out for its efficient and precise operation. Among other equipment of this type, it is distinguished by its 10-centimeter trench width, as well as by being equipped with 27 heavy-duty tines made of carbide alloy, making them very durable and resistant to dulling. What's more, the excavator, despite its heavy weight and lack of wheel drive, is easy to operate and maneuver - the comfort of working with the device is enhanced by ergonomic handles, safety mechanism or pumped wheels.

The chain excavator is an extremely useful device, which is an invaluable help when laying a new electrical system or irrigation system. Check out our offer today and choose a model from a reputable manufacturer CEDRUS and WEIBANG

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what the chain excavator is used for

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