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Trunk and root milling machine a way to remove debris after tree felling

Trunk and root milling machine a way to remove debris after tree felling

After felling - especially of large trees that are several years old - very often the land is left uneven and problematic for re-development. So how to effectively and effortlessly get rid of the remnants of the fragments sticking out of the ground? The perfect solution in such a situation will be a stump and root milling machine, which is an extremely useful device that makes it easier to uproot the stumps left after felled trees. Which model, then, will prove most effective in your garden?

Log milling machine - how it works?

Stump milling machine is an extremely useful device when cleaning up a large area after felling trees, such as for building a gazebo or establishing flower beds. Devices of this type are equipped with cutting disc with 8 tungsten carbide cutters for cutting even very hard wooden logs. It is put into reciprocating motion with hydraulic cylinders, so it can be easily raised and lowered. Accordingly, this operation of the milling machine mainly helps to grind the trunks and roots into small chips that can be easily cleaned up and removed from the site. In addition, such equipment for greater comfort of use usually are equipped with a practical handle and pumped wheels, which definitely increase the mobility of the device.

Trunk and Root Milling Machine

Use of log milling machine vs. entitlements

If you want to operate a log milling machine, do you need to have any special licenses? This is not required for adult owners of a small, hand-controlled model - however, you should carefully read the maintenance manual and the manufacturer's safety recommendations before turning it on for the first time. The situation is different for self-propelled milling machine on tracks - then the operator should meet several requirements. First of all, he should have a driver's license, must be of full mental and physical strength, and, of course, have knowledge of how such equipment works, as well as how to operate it.

Which log milling machine to choose?

When deciding to buy a log milling machine, it is worth paying attention to the detailed technical specifications of the selected model to best adapt it to the planned work and be sure that it will serve us for many years. So what is the most important? The most important parameter, of course, is the power of the motor and the size of the milling machine, as well as the level of noise generated. Noteworthy among them are cEDRUS FR01 log milling machine , which is an invaluable aid in getting rid of even massive and hard remnants of felled trees. For efficient and effective work, it is equipped with a milling disc with high-quality cutting elements in the form of 8 cutters with tips made of tungsten carbide - so the blades are very durable and resistant to dulling. In addition, you can adjust their settings in three different positions, which directly translates into their longer life. Convenient starting and safety in this model is provided by robust drive system with clutch. What's more, with this milling machine it is possible not only to remove stumps and roots above the ground, but also those up to 30 cm in the ground.

Stump and root milling machine is an extremely useful device when you need to clean up the area after tree felling. It is worth choosing a model from a proven manufacturer, such as np. CEDRUS , so you will be guaranteed the highest quality.

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