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How to take care of the engine of a petrol scythe ?

 How to take care of the engine of a petrol scythe ?

Unlike four-stroke engines, two-stroke engines do not have separate lubrication. The design of the two-stroke engine simply does not allow it. Two-stroke engines are ideal for powering small and lightweight machines such as petrol scythes, chainsaws, trimmers, leaf blowers, etc.

However, moving parts must also be lubricated in a two-stroke engine, so oil is added to the fuel. If you only use gasoline to power a two-stroke engine, the engine will stall within seconds of starting due to seizure. After all, not surprisingly, the engines reach more than 8500 rpm during operation. Every second, the piston moves the cylinder back and forth more than 140 times.

The ratio of fuel to oil for fuel mixture preparation is given by the engine manufacturer. In order to properly select the ratio of fuel to oil, it is necessary to carefully read the instruction manual, in which the manufacturer provides precise values. Important: it is better to pour a little too much oil than too little.

However, it is not enough to properly mix the fuel mixture. One often overlooked fact is that oil dissolved in gasoline loses its properties over time, degrades. Degradation occurs in as little as 14 days and after a certain period of time the oil is practically unable to properly lubricate engine parts.

So if the last use of the machine is in winter and you don't drain the fuel- in spring you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. At best, the old fuel mixture will only cause excessive wear and tear on the engine, which is associated with a gradual loss of engine power and, finally, a shortened engine life span. More likely, however, is a complete seizure of the engine. In some cases, repairs can be as costly as buying a new machine.

Fuel mixture for two-stroke engines - principles

- Mix the fuel mixture in the correct ratio specified by the engine manufacturer.
- Never store the fuel mixture for more than 1 week.
- Always mix only as much as you currently need. If you fuel up, it is always better to prepare a little extra mixture than to leave the mixture unused.
- Use only high-quality oils designed for high-speed engines.
- If you will not use the machine for a long time, drain the fuel from the tank, start the engine and let it use the remaining fuel from the carburetor.
- Store gasoline and oil in separate and tightly closed containers. Prevent air from entering the containers so that moisture from the air does not bind with gasoline and oil.

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