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It's high time to get your machine ready for the season!

It's high time to get your machine ready for the season!

There is not much work in our gardens in winter. At the moment the gardening equipment is idle, so take some time to maintain it.

In our last article, we wrote about the importance of not neglecting batteries. Equally important is proper care of gardening tools and equipment, so that in the spring we are not surprised by problems. The first machine you go to the garden in spring will probably be a mower.

Regular maintenance of the mower should be a matter of course. Nevertheless, many people still neglect this and are unpleasantly surprised by a machine breakdown during the season. In addition, service centers are busy at this time, and wait times for repairs can extend to several weeks. However, the lawn will not wait for the mower to be repaired. Therefore, it is better to prevent problems in time.

The mower can only mow properly if it has a sharp and properly balanced blade. You can try to do it yourself. When grinding, maintain the original blade angle. If you reduce the angle, the knife will be sharper, but it will dull faster. You also need to balance the knife. If one side was sharpened more and the blade was unbalanced, it would cause unpleasant vibrations at high speeds, and at the same time the mower would wear out faster. The easiest way to balance the knife is to put it through the central hole on a screwdriver, for example, and put it in a horizontal position. If the knife holds position, it is balanced. If one side falls, it means that this side is heavier and should be sanded (remove material by grinding). Be patient and proceed slowly. Always sharpen the knife only slightly and check that it is already balanced. Repeat the steps until the knife is properly prepared.

Check the air filter. If it is clogged, the engine has "lost its breath". With a clogged filter, the engine does not draw enough air and lacks the necessary power. The mower then mows poorly and does not have the strength to fill the basket. Therefore, replace the filter with a new one or at least clean it.

Change the engine oil. Oil should be changed at least once a season. During operation, metal microparticles are released into the oil, gradually turning it from a lubricant into an abrasive paste. Regular oil changes prevent excessive engine wear and tear.

Check the spark plug. The candle should also be replaced about once a season. Their condition can also tell you whether the engine is working properly. Spark plug electrodes should have a bright surface. If they are black, it indicates a misadjusted engine and should be professionally adjusted. Unregulated engine starts poorly, has low power and high fuel consumption.

Clean out the garbage can. The lawnmower works much like a vacuum cleaner. The blades are shaped like a fan that sucks in air along with the grass and blows it into the basket. If the garbage can is clogged, it fills incorrectly. Remove grass debris from the walls of the basket with a brush.

Thoroughly clean the underside of the mower frame and the hopper tunnel. The surface must be clean and smooth so that the grass does not catch on it. Otherwise, the grass will curl up and may form a layer of up to several centimeters. If there is not enough space around the blade due to the stuck layer of grass, the air cannot flow well, and the mower may even clog up.

Other machines also require similar care. But about that next time..

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