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Robot mower: how much does it cost, what are the advantages of an automatic mower

Robot mower: how much does it cost, what are the advantages of an automatic mower

Fashionable gadget or savior for owners lawns? Mowing robots are the fulfillment of the predictions of futurists, who years ago floated improbable visions of a world in which robots replace humans in the performance of heavy and arduous work, and such certainly includes grass cutting. However, before making a purchase autonomous mower, due to the high technological advancement of the device, it is worth learning about its construction, operation, advantages and disadvantages.

How the mowing robot works?

Watching operation of robotic mowers one gets the impression that it is a device that works similarly to cleaning robots - autonomous vacuum cleaners. However, this is only a visual resemblance. Technologically advanced mowing robots are top of the line in the smart home segment. Mowing robots are not only complex in design, their installation is also among the not easy ones. While this task can be done yourself, it is far safer to entrust it to specialized services.

The way robotic mowers work is similar to electric mowers, but without the cable and without human operation. Thanks to capacious batteries, mowing robots have an operating time of one to several hours on a single charge. For medium-capacity units dedicated to home lawns of less than 1,000 m2, the average operating time without recharging is about 70 minutes; docking intervals for recharging are 60 to 90 minutes.

In the online store ewimax.en innovative lawn mowing robot available in many interesting versions. In this category we present models with a range of up to 500m2, but we also offer other variants - be sure to check it out! The equipment presented here is an excellent alternative to standard mowers, which will work not only for private use, but also for commercial use. We have prepared for you garden pruning products from the best brands that are:

  • easy to use,
  • safe,
  • modern.

A beautiful, well-kept lawn in front of the house is the pride of any property owner. Unfortunately, regular lawn mowing requires a lot of time, especially if you have a farmyard with a large size. Fortunately, you no longer have to use standard petrol mowers. Better reach for one of our modern robots! We present devices with high efficiency and excellent workmanship that will serve you well for many seasons, allowing you to save time and energy.

Lawn mowing robot

Each lawn mowing robot offered in the assortment of our online store comes from top manufacturers such as Husqvarna or CEDRUS or WIPER . Thus, when you buy the device, you can be sure that you are getting a reliable product worth the money! The models presented here perform well both on a flat surface and on one with a slightly steeper slope. We also offer variants recommended for more undulating properties, which you can find in other categories of the store.

Presented here grass cutting robots are very comfortable and efficient. The devices have no power cables that limit mobility, making them operate efficiently and safely. You don't have to supervise their operation, you just need to program the appropriate mode for them to activate at the designated time. You determine the area of the lawn to be mowed yourself, using the appropriate product settings. Some of the models in our offer can be operated with the help of a special application on the phone, which allows their remote activation!

Mowing robots - an alternative to mowers

Just as importantly, each lawn mowing robot comes with a special docking station. It is primarily used to charge the device's battery, as well as to keep it in the right conditions when at rest. Some of the models in the catalog have more advanced settings that allow you to set the mode for the degree of sunlight on the land, irrigation or even the species of grass! Such products are especially recommended for commercial use, where the representative appearance of the turf is even more important.

Order a modern robotic mower and enjoy saving time and energy while caring for your property. We offer you instant sales of automatic mowers from top brands. We guarantee that the purchased goods will reach you within a few business days. Each device comes with a detailed manual that will help you quickly program its work according to your individual preferences. We also provide technical support as well as installation and mode setting service for mowers.

Intelligent automatic lawn mower

Robot mower - automatic mower can work around the clock. The sequence of events is as follows: charging the battery, mowing, going down to the station, returning to the last place, further mowing. This sequence of sequences can be repeated uninterrupted by the mower. Most often, users program mowing robots for selected days of the week and specific times, such as absences of household members.

Mowing robot - automatic mower is equipped with a system of sensors, which allow you to avoid obstacles and mow exactly the terrain that has been defined, that is, delineated by the user. Safe, therefore, are the valuable plant specimens that grow on the edge of the lawn or in the beds delineated in its area. The latest generation of mowing robots can also recognize living obstacles that suddenly stand in their way - birds, squirrels, dogs or cats will not be trampled, but bypassed.

Such modern robots mowers work easily in the sun and rain, and an alarm system protects the device from being picked up by an unauthorized person, i.e. a thief. Via GPS, the mowing robot determines its own location so that it always finds the shortest route to the base and alerts you when it leaves the designated mowing area or the garden in general.

How the mowing robot cuts the grass?

The owner of the mower programs the working time and the cutting height. Mowing is done with knives. A robotic lawn mower can have one fixed blade or a set of several, a dozen or dozens of blades placed on a rotating disc. Such blades are thin and razor sharp. For safety during maintenance or handling, the mowing robot retracts the blade disc automatically.

For the end result, which is a short-cut lawn, the type of blades does not matter much. The advantage of a fixed knife is its durability - sharpening or replacing it once every few months or even less often. The blades placed on the disc are replaced every few weeks. A set costs from a dozen to about 30 zlotys.

The type of blade determines how noisy the mowing robot is. With automatic mowers with a fixed blade, the noise level is slightly higher. Mowing robots with disc blades operate so quietly that they can also be turned on at night.

Mowing robot does not have a basket or garbage can for grass clippings. The lawn mowing robot is equipped with a grass mulching system, which in practice means a very thorough grinding of the cut blades and spreading them on the surface of the lawn. Decomposing small pieces of plants turn into valuable life-giving organic fertilizer.

How it works?

The beginning of the robot's work is the departure from the charging station. The mowing robot leaves on a schedule that the user has set by programming the mower operation. After departure, the mowing robot moves along a route marked by a loop of boundary wires. To mow, the mowing robot uses an algorithm and additional data provided by various sensors.

Automatic return takes place when:

  • The mowing effect has been achieved,
  • The battery needs recharging,
  • Weather conditions make mowing impossible (e.g., on models unsuitable for rain).

If the mowing needs to be completed, after recharging the battery or after other reasons preventing work have ceased, the mowing robot returns to the place where the grass cutting has been interrupted and takes up the activity anew.

Types of mowing robots

In general, all mowers are divided by power supply, drive and the way the blades operate. The first criterion of division distinguishes machines: internal combustion, electrical, rechargeable. Second: self-propelled, pushed and steered like vehicles. The third criterion distinguishes the following mowers: drum mowers, flail mowers, rotary mowers, slat mowers.

Mowing robot - automatic mower is a self-propelled battery-powered device with a method of operation that combines the work of rotary and flail mowers. Rotary machines cut the plant with sharp knives. Their blades are placed in drums and rotate around their axis in the horizontal plane. The flail machines cut vertically and shred the cut plants into pieces. Mowing robots have both of these functions integrated.


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