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A revolution in lawn mowing - CEDRUS C-MOW automatic mowers

A revolution in lawn mowing - CEDRUS C-MOW automatic mowers

A revolution in lawn mowing - CEDRUS C-MOW automatic mowers

Automatic mowers is a solution for the 21st century. Created for all those who do not have time for lawn care or simply do not enjoy working in the garden.

How the robotic mower works?

Automatic mower mows the grass in an area predetermined by a special boundary wire. The machine has a collision sensor, so it easily avoids obstacles or retreats in a collision with an obstacle it encounters. It is also equipped with a rain sensor, a slope sensor and a lift sensor that disables the mower blades. Thanks to the patented AIA mowing technology, the robotic mower easily negotiates narrow passageways. The power system is based on a maintenance-free battery with no memory effect , and the drive is provided by 2 brushless wheel motors.

Mowing with an automatic mower

Safety of the automatic mowing robot

Automatic mowers from the company CEDRUS provide 100% safety with sensors, mowing is safe even when children or pets are around. A safety sensor will immediately stop the blade should the CEDRUS Robot mower ever be lifted off the ground during operation. The mower blade is placed in the middle of the machine, away from the outer edges of the machine. The unit has a PIN security lock, and a rain sensor ensures that the mower returns to the charging station. No need to manually turn the mower back to the charging station after mowing is complete. Automatic return directs the mower to the station after mowing and when battery power drops.

Wi-Fi controlled robotic mower

Automatic mower can be controlled from a smartphone by connecting to a Wi-Fi network. The equipment requires no programming - just press a button to start mowing. Remote-controlled mowers for mowing slopes can be controlled from up to 300m away, providing ample opportunity for mowing in a variety of unusual and hard-to-reach areas. The large mowing capability on steep slopes works well for mowing ditches and very uneven terrain, for example, and the stable and wide chassis ensures stability and precision mowing.

Automatic mowers CEDRUS C-MOW

Unlike other electronic equipment cEDRUS robotic mowers don't age as fast. The mowers have already been pre-programmed by the manufacturer, so it can be put to work on the lawn right away after purchase. If you want to individually set the mowing schedule or change any parameters is very simple and intuitive, you can certainly manage without a manual. Robot mower is extremely quiet, giving you the ability to mow your lawn even at night without disturbing the peace of the night.

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