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CEDRUS automatic lawn mower - is it worth buying?

CEDRUS automatic lawn mower - is it worth buying?

Automatic lawn mower - is it worth buying?

Is it possible to make our lawn in front of the house resemble the one from advertisements or from pictures of grass seed packages? If we take proper care of it - yes. A big part of this will be the robotic mower.

Freshly established lawn looks beautiful. However, not everyone realizes how much work it takes to make it look good all the time. Lawn requires such treatments as fertilizing, liming, sanding, rolling, scarifying, aerating, weeding, watering. But one of the most important activities that are essential for its beautiful appearance is regular mowing. However, not all of us have the opportunity to devote enough time to the lawn. It is precisely the lack of time that forces us to construct devices and gadgets that make our work easier or do it for us. Probably most homeowners prefer to relax on their lawn rather than mow it. Whether robotic mower will provide us with more time to barbecue or read a book in a deck chair? Can it replace the manual?

How the robotic mower works?

Its main advantage is that it can be programmed, in which case it should mow the entire lawn for us and repeat this action if necessary. Programming methods range from simple remote controls, to removable control panels, to sophisticated docking stations with the ability to schedule mowing in detail. There are also automatic mowers that work with some smartphones via built-in Bluetooth. Others are controlled via the mobile network after installing a special application in advance. The operation of this device can therefore be scheduled at any time. The mower can cut the grass even when we are not at home, so that when we return from work or vacation, we can find a well-groomed lawn. All robotic mowers are equipped with a system of sensors that allows them to avoid most obstacles. The mowing area is limited by special boundary wires that mark the working area of the device. The cable system is usually attached to the surface of the lawn or buried in the ground.

Disadvantages of an automatic mower

Limiting the range of work

Automatic mowers are designed to mow a certain area, the size of which depends on the model. There are mowers on the market for small home gardens of up to 500 sqm, as well as those that handle an acreage of up to 4,000 or even 7,000 sqm. Professional mowers mow a field of up to 3 hectares.


Cheapest robotic mower costs approx. 2000 PLN. However, mowers at this price don't have many amenities and usually feature low engine power, short run time without charging, limited mowing area. Do not perform well on sloping and uneven terrain. Therefore, it is worth choosing a mower that can handle our plot of land. The price of some professional robotic mowers exceeds even the value of a small car. It is comforting to know that automatic mowers are becoming increasingly popular, and manufacturers are outdoing themselves in designing newer and more reliable machines. And, as it is the case with technological innovations, their price decreases every year, so there is a chance that soon everyone will be able to afford such a device.

Difficulty of installation

Most robotic mowers comes with a restraining wire, which should be properly arranged throughout the garden to protect what you don't want to cut or damage, i.e. trees, shrubs, flower beds, garden architectural elements. With a large number of plants scattered throughout the garden, this can be quite a challenge. So before buying the device, it is worth consulting a specialist, sending him a plan of the garden. Included in the price of some mowers is a service to install wiring and a docking station. It can also be purchased. When buying a top-of-the-line lawn mower, this is worth thinking about.


Many people have doubts about robotic mower poses no danger to children or pets. Most models have a built-in security system. Most often, it consists in the fact that a special shield with extendable blades when it encounters an obstacle automatically retracts. Another system is the protection against lifting. When it happens that a child tries to lift or overturn the mower, the shears stop immediately. In addition, when colliding with an obstacle, the mower stops and changes direction or shuts down. The problem can be small toys or stones that, hidden in the grass, can damage or destroy the mower's cutting blades. But with a hand mower, we may have the same problem. Unfortunately, there are no mowers that are 100 percent. safe. So it's best not to leave small household members unattended near a working machine.

Advantages of the robotic mower

Energy savings

Most robotic mowers powers a lithium-ion or lithium-iron-phosphate battery with a capacity of 2 to 6.8 Ah (the most expensive ones up to 4x15Ah). Electric mower means more electricity consumption, cordless mower needs it less. It can be programmed to mow at night, when electricity tariffs are cheaper (G12 tariff). There are already solar-powered mowers, but for now it is difficult to buy them.

Water savings

Automatic mowers do not have garbage cans for grass clippings, which must be emptied regularly. Instead, they are equipped with a practical grass mulching function. It involves shredding the grass clippings and spreading them over the mowed area. This keeps the lawn mulched, which prevents it from drying out, especially in summer. This makes it possible to water it less often. In addition, the shredded material is an ideal fertilizer.

Lower cost of operation

Standard mowers require periodic maintenance, i.e. oil changes, fuel supply, mechanical maintenance. In addition, the grass they cut must either be raked or the garbage cans emptied and disposed of. And that means extra work and cost. In the case of robotic mowers the problem of raking or removing the swath does not exist, and a well-programmed mower is virtually maintenance-free.

Noise level

Internal combustion mowers are the loudest, as they make a noise of 89 to 100 dB. Classic electric lawnmowers are quieter, but still produce a sound of 82-96 dB. The automatic mower is much quieter with them (58-75 dB), so it can be programmed for night mowing, Sunday mowing or holiday mowing without worrying about the peace and quiet of your neighbors.

No emissions

Electric mowers do not emit exhaust fumes. However, they cannot be used when it is raining and the grass is wet. Automatic mowers also do not emit exhaust fumes, and some can even work in the rain. Most have a sensor so that when it starts to rain, they return to base.

Terrain variation

Many classic electric mowers has too little power to negotiate inclines on its own. Strong petrol mowers with a sizable four-stroke engine. However, the best in this ranking is robotic mower, which is lightweight and does not need a lot of power to work on sloping terrain. Some robotic mowers can mow slopes up to 45 percent. slopes.

Even mowing

If you make sure that the lawn is mowed with an automatic mower systematically and evenly over the entire area, it will be uniform, without mowing marks.

Security against theft

Some of the mowers on the market have anti-theft features. One of them is a PIN code, as in phones. Without knowing the code, the mower is useless. Others have a built-in alarm. Most mowers equipped with a docking station do not work with other bases. Some lawnmowers have a GPS system that tells you where the device is in case of theft.

Free time

This is probably the most important advantage of an automatic mower - while we are resting, it is working.


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