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Automatic mowers self-care lawn care is still a novelty on the Polish market of gardening equipment, but is quickly gaining popularity due to its versatility, ease of use and increasingly affordable price. A machine that can trim a lawn without human intervention, avoiding obstacles, respecting set boundaries of operation, reacting to rain and detecting the moment when it needs to go to an automatic charging station has until recently only been featured on the pages of science-fiction novels. Today, on the other hand, it is available at your fingertips... wielding a smartphone, which, through an app, can control it and change settings.

The mowing robot operates in a designated work area, bounded by a signal wire plugged into the docking base, which is an impregnable boundary for it. The mower is usually equipped with a crash sensor (which protects it from hitting, for example, a tree), as well as a tilt controller, rain detector or motion sensor.

The mowing robots are very tenacious workers - they can work for several hours at a time day after day, and rest while charging quickly. Some models are equipped with a mulching system (full shredding of grass clippings, which becomes fertilizer).

Robotic mowers are automatic compared to traditional petrol mowers. With an automatic lawn mower, first of all, you will gain many hours of free time, so you can occupy yourself with something more pleasant. Automatic mower will keep your lawn in perfect condition.

Automatic lawn mowers - excellent equipment quality and precisely cut lawn!

The store offers www.ewimax.en you can find the highest quality robots mowing. These are equipment that will save a lot of time and energy. Our equipment is characterized by first-class components, such as blades, motors and batteries. We have been operating on the Polish market for many years and we professionally assist during the selection of the right robot mowing and we guarantee our services at every stage of installation. We are a leader in garden robotics, and every automatic mower to grasses is a combination of innovative technology and attractive design.

How mowing robots work?

Robot mowing is able to recognize the grass and avoid the other shrubs in the garden. It is a matter of setting up the device and laying out the perimeter cable. It is, in the simplest terms, a simple electrical cable that should be laid out around the perimeter of the garden, thus, setting the boundaries within which the robot should move. When our equipment, during operation, invades this wire, it simply turns around. It recognizes it thanks to the installed sensors.
The wire should be laid out so that it also excludes flowerbeds, shrubs and other obstacles in the garden, such as a swimming pool or sandbox, from mowing.
When the robot loses power, it drives to a charging station and gains energy for the next hours of operation.

Our automatic mowing machines are safe devices built with durable components. We offer automatic lawn mowers equipped with high-quality blades, capacious lithium-ion batteries with long run time per charge and brushless motors. Find out how much a modern robotic lawnmower will make a difference in your garden!

Our mowing robots have GPS navigation and GSM connectivity - they easily navigate themselves around the designated area.
You have a garden located on a slope? Ambrogio - automatic mower mows at 55% slope without any problems! Many years of experience, thousands of installations made means that we have proven solutions for the most complex gardens of all sizes.
If you call it a lawn we can mow it! All this so that you can take care of what you like while our robot takes care of your lawn.

We have equipped Ambrogio with intelligent mowing algorithms that help it identify mowed areas. An additional advantage of the device are specially shaped wheels that increase its grip on the ground.

Robot mowing performs its work completely automatically, so its owner recovers his valuable time. It can be conveniently programmed to mow only at certain times and on certain days and not disturb the household members while relaxing in the garden.
Automatic lawn mowers are rainproof, so they can stand outside 24 hours a day and even mow the grass when it rains. However, it is safer if they only mow on dry days, because wet grass can dull the blades. Selected models have a rain sensor, which solves this problem, as the robot then enters the docking station and waits out the bad weather there.

What happens to the cut grass?

A question that troubles many people is what happens to the grass that the robot cuts? Well, the grass is expertly mulched, that is, cut and chopped into very fine fragments. These clippings form a thin layer that protects the soil from excessive water evaporation. These walls also contain a lot of valuable nutrients, such as potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus, which perfectly fertilize the soil. Our lawn thus becomes lusciously green and thick as a carpet.

Check out the range of robotic mowers from Skoszone.en

When purchasing robot mowing it is worthwhile to analyze all available options and choose one that meets individual expectations. The main thing to consider is the surface area the robot will have to deal with. It is usually divided into 300, 500, 1000 and 1500 m², mowing width and working time are also of great importance. Brands such as the following are available on the market Husqvarna, Robomov, Gardena Wiper Premium , CEDRUS , HONDA, BOSCH, GARDENA, NAC, STIGA, MAKITA, AUTOMOWER, AMBROGIO ZUCHETTI, HECHT, HYUNDAI ,HUSQVARNA. These are top-quality robots, made of high-end components. There is no chance of damaging them. However, if such a situation were to occur, our store Ewimax.en guarantees fast contact and trouble-free repair.

Frequently asked questions
What parameters to look for when buying a mowing robot?

When choosing a robotic mower, pay attention to the recommended work area, the width of mowing, the maximum slope of the terrain, as well as the operating and charging time of the battery. The recommended work area should be matched to the size of your lawn, so you should measure it. A small robot on a large lawn will not work efficiently and effectively, and it will take a long time to work. With its large mowing width, the robot will cut a larger area in one pass. However, if your plot has, for example, a lot of flower beds, rockeries or flowerbeds, you need to remember that the robot should fit into the spaces between them. Narrower device will easily reach such hard-to-reach places. If the surface is not level, also pay attention to the maximum slope of the terrain over which the robot mows. It should be larger than the driveways on your lot. Fast charging and long battery life will be assets, especially for larger lawns when the robot needs to make several passes to mow the entire area.

How the mowing robot works?

The mowing robot's work area is marked by a boundary wire, also called a signal wire, the beginning and end of which are connected to the charging station. Thanks to it, the device knows within which limits it should move. The cable is included in the set, and if the length is too short you can buy one more. It should be placed on the lawn and fixed to the surface with pins made of plastic. Most mowing robots rely on random movement while driving and use sensors of the cut grass to know where the work has been done.

How often should the mowing robot cut the grass?

The scheduling function allows you to set how often the robot should mow the grass and at what time. In practice, the device can even work every day to regularly mow several millimeter increments. The mowing robot can't handle grass taller than, say, 2-3 cm above blade level. In addition, regularly cut fine grass does not need to be harvested. Such a swath provides a nutritious fertilizer for the lawn, and you will be able to forget about hand mowing. If the grass is too tall, increase the height of the blade in the robot. When this is not possible, you must first cut the grass by hand.

Mowing robot

If spending Saturday mornings taking care of your lawn is not your favorite activity, but you also care about the appearance of your lawn, then the solution to your problem is the following mowing robot. This device will take care of it for you. You can conveniently control some models using a mobile app. Once properly installed and configured, the robotic lawn mower requires minimal effort from you when using it.

How the robotic lawnmower worked?

In terms of the principle of operation, the equipment is similar to robotic vacuum cleaners. The mowing robot is equipped with a docking station where it is stored and charged. However, you must install the device before you can use it. Included in the kit (or to be purchased separately) are a restraining cable and pins with which you attach it to the lawn. You connect the cable to the docking station and use it to mark out the area where you want the mower to travel. You can, for example, separate an area that she should not have access to, such as flower beds or a terrace. The end of the signal cable should also be connected to the docking station so as to close the circuit. You don't have to harvest the grass, as it is milled. With frequent mowing, the clippings are very fine and provide a natural fertilizer for your lawn.

Then you should configure the operation of the mowing robot. You can set the so-called work schedule, that is, on which days and, at what times, it should mow. The mowing robot can work, for example, when you are not at home. Programming the device is most convenient from a smartphone mobile app, so it is worth choosing a model with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Is the robotic mower safe?

Of course, the mowing robot is equipped with very sharp blades. However, the device is safe, and this is ensured by the sensors used. The most important of these is a sensor that detects the lifting of equipment. It automatically stops the knives, so they won't hurt you. In addition to this (from children's access), you can secure the equipment with a PIN code. Other sensors that mowing robots are equipped with include collision sensor to avoid obstacles and rain sensor. In case of sudden precipitation, the device automatically returns to the docking station.

Which mowing robot to choose?

The robotic mower should fit the size of your lawn. You shouldn't choose a device to stock up. A large robot mowing in a small area will have problems with narrow spaces and avoiding obstacles. Similarly, if the device is too small, it will take a very long time to mow. When the terrain is uneven, then pay attention to the maximum angle of slope that the robot can handle. On hills that are too high, mowing can be a problem. Some models are able to recognize areas where the grass has already been cut. This speeds up the work considerably, as the mowing robot does not move again to an area that does not require it, but takes care of the rest of the lawn. See also products from the category: cordless mower, petrol mower, petrol scythe, electric trimmer, branch shredder, leaf vacuum cleaner, leaf blower, scarifier, areator and combustion scarifier i electric scarifier.


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