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Selection of heads - cutting tools for petrol cutters STIHL , HUSQVARNA , OLEO-MAC

Selection of heads - cutting tools for petrol cutters STIHL , HUSQVARNA , OLEO-MAC

Petrol mowers come standard with vein heads and steel discs. In addition, most manufacturers offer a wide range of accessories for scythes in the form of all kinds of polyamide (nylon) discs, steel discs, multi-blade or multi-cutting heads. You are probably asking yourself - why all this?

In most cases, the standard equipment of the scythe will allow us to seamlessly perform the work of maintaining the greenery on and around our property. However, it is worth remembering the possibility of using our device for a number of works, the performance of which will facilitate and, in many cases, even enable the performance of certain specialized activities.

When choosing equipment for our scythe, we must keep in mind the characteristics of the cutting tools so that we use them as intended, in a way that does not overtax the engine and drive train of our scythe. Standard vein heads, multi-vein heads and discs made of plastic are designed for mowing green plants, while steel discs are designed for mowing both green plants and plants with woody stems (branches, regrowth, etc.).).

Plants cut with a line are partially or completely shredded and scattered on the working surface, cut with a disc are deposited in a swath (similar to the use of a traditional scythe). So, for pruning, mowing areas from which the cut plants will not be harvested it is better to use vein heads. Especially to finish the work after the mower or tractor, around trees and shrubs. If we intend to collect the cut plants from the work surface, the scythe should be equipped with a shield.

The use of the scythe for such specific work as limbing or cutting bushes (including small trees) requires that our machine be equipped with multi-tooth steel discs. However, we should remember when choosing the right model of disc, that discs with fewer teeth are, admittedly, more efficient discs, but they require cooperation with a machine driven by a more powerful engine.

For safety reasons, cutting tools must not be used arbitrarily. Before making a choice, read the instruction manual, which includes a detailed list of accessories approved for use with a particular model of scythe.

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