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How and where to use Hecht service Poland

How and where to use Hecht service Poland

Perhaps when looking for power tools for your garden, furniture or swimming pools and accessories, you have already encountered the name Hecht - the gardening specialist? The brand has a range of gardening equipment of various kinds, most notably mowers. The company operates its Hecht service in Poland. Warsaw is one of the cities where it can be used. How to get your broken Hecht equipment repaired under warranty?

About Hecht Czech Republic

The owner of the trademark "Hecht - gardening specialist" is the Czech company Hecht Motors, which was founded in 1994. It wasn't until four years later that the Czech owners began offering customers the first high-quality products designed for garden care. At the time, these were power tools such as hedge trimmers and chainsaws. The offer quickly expanded with excellent gardening equipment, garden furniture and outdoor pools with all the necessary accessories.

Today, Hecht is the largest distributor of gardening equipment in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and one of the largest such companies in Central Europe. Operates branches in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The brand operates Hecht services in Poland and in other countries where the brand does business.

Hecht's extensive sales and service network

Hecht Motors is not only constantly increasing the number of places on the map of Poland where you can buy its power tools, including petrol mowers i electric, including batteries, but is investing in increasing its service base. Provides accessories and spare parts for users of Hecht products, who can return their equipment to the manufacturer's service under warranty.

Hecht offers service support in case of damage during the warranty period, but also performs post-warranty services for customers. So if you have, for example, a Hecht mower, the service of this brand will provide you with the repair of the device within the 2-year warranty period (if you buy the mower privately). At the same time, it is possible to extend this time to 5 years. Then, for an extended period of time, you can call the Hecht lawn mower service at any time to get technical information or real help with the equipment there.

Where is Hecht service Poland?

There is only one authorized Hecht Motors-branded Hecht service center in our country - Gardening Specialist. The Hecht service as it stands is located in the western part of the country, in Bogdaniec, near the border, at 54 Mickiewicza St. In addition, there are numerous Hecht Polska service centers across the country, where repairs are carried out on machines supplied by Hecht Motors. They are located in 15 provinces. Hecht service is not available in the Lublin region.

What to do if your Hecht mower breaks down?

If in the course of using a Hecht lawn mower, or any other brand of garden equipment, damage occurs, it is advisable to report immediately to the service center. While your device is still under warranty, you have the right to file a claim for a product defect. All you need to do is fill out the form downloaded from the Hecht website and send the secured goods at your own expense directly to the central service address. You also have the option of delivering it in person to one of Hecht's service centers in Poland or to your dealer.

In order for the service to process the complaint, it is necessary to provide such data as:

  • - personal information - name,
  • - contact information - your address, phone, email address,
  • - sales document number,
  • - sales document type,
  • - a detailed description of the defect and how it occurred.

When claiming a product directly at Hecht Polska, you can fill out a claim form on the spot, but know that you must also present a proof of purchase, which can be an invoice or receipt. They will allow you to confirm the date and place of purchase of your mower to be repaired.

It may happen that equipment checked by Hecht service in Poland will have a defect rated as unrepairable. You don't have to worry about being thus deprived of your gardening tool. Hecht lawn mower service in Poland will either replace your device with a new one and send it to the address you specify, or it will be available stationary at the brand's service center to which you delivered it.

On the Hecht gardening specialist brand website you will find all addresses of authorized Hecht brand service centers and service centers. This will display your contact details along with the opening hours of the point in question. If they are not specified, you can contact the service center and arrange by phone the possibility of delivering the equipment to the site for warranty repair.

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