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How a leaf vacuum works? Is it worth using a blower?

How a leaf vacuum works? Is it worth using a blower?

Leaves on the lawn can give a garden owner a hard time. In autumn, when a thick carpet of them appears on the turf every now and then, raking becomes a nuisance and takes a lot of time. There is a simple way to put the rake away and clean up leaves faster, more efficiently. It is the use of a special vacuum cleaner and blower. How these devices work? And why there is no gardener who will not appreciate such equipment? We explain!

Leaf vacuum cleaner - how it works?

The most important parts of this device are the suction nozzle, the tank and the motor. When the vacuum cleaner is activated, its mechanism begins to suck up leaves, smaller pieces of branches that lie on the lawn, paths, terrace. They are shredded and then go into a container - usually a lightweight textile bag.

Why use a leaf vacuum cleaner?

  • saving time - With such a device, you will definitely get rid of leaves faster than using a rake. In addition, you can use it not only on the lawn, but also on alleys and the terrace floor;
  • effectiveness - Thanks to the suction tube, you can efficiently get rid of leaves from all corners of the garden, from behind garden furniture;
  • possibility of preparing compost - if there are only leaves, pinecones, pieces of branches in the container, then you can pour them into the composter. In some time they will become a valuable fertilizer for plants.

Leaf blowers vs. vacuum cleaners - what works better in the garden?

The blower, unlike a vacuum cleaner, does not suck in air, but blows out a stream of air. It's so you can get rid of leaves from lawns, paths and mound them up. Using a blower, however, is somewhat less convenient. You have to put the leaves in the bags yourself, which can be a nuisance in large gardens.

Nevertheless, the leaf blower has many advantages. The device is:

  • you can use to create mounds, which will remain in some parts of the garden for a longer period of time and provide shelter for hedgehogs;
  • works well for blowing leaves off coniferous trees;
  • you will also use in winter - with the help of a leaf blower you will remove snow from the driveway, alleys in the garden - Then, when there will be a layer of fresh snow;
  • is useful for cleaning garden equipment - mowers, trimmers.

A blower definitely has a wider range of uses than a vacuum cleaner - but it's the one that makes cleaning up leaves faster, more convenient. If you don't want to give up any of these devices, you can choose a 2-in-1 equipment.

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