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When working on a large area plot, it is second to none petrol rotovator. Compact size, robust design, powerful engine, and durable blades cultivator garden diesel make gardening work light, easy and very satisfying.

Petrol soil cultivator - versatility and ease of use, will stand up to the toughest tasks.

Petrol-driven soilers OLEO-MAC , CEDRUS and HECHT is the ideal product to help prepare the soil, as it powerfully breaks up and mixes clods of earth. With a large number of accessories available, they can also be transformed into versatile plowing systems

Professional soilers for the toughest jobs.

Our petrol soilers are an extremely technologically advanced device that any gardening enthusiast will love from the first time they start up. We offer you machines that will turn your work into pleasure and guarantee an excellent result. In our offer you will find machines both for medium-sized gardens, characterized by narrower working widths, as well as machines designed to work in the most difficult conditions, with rotors with working widths of up to 100 cm. Completing the range are machines equipped with drive transmitted to large rubber wheels. These professional machines are recommended for use in plastic tunnels, greenhouses and row crop farms. Most front-mounted power tillers with knives can be retrofitted with a range of accessories such as, but not limited to, a single-sided plow, a backfiller or a potato plough - these accessories can be found at You can discover the expansion possibilities of our soilers right now - just visit our listings and take a look at the "Recommended Accessories" tab at the bottom of each page. Familiarize yourself with the presented machines and choose the ideal one for your needs .

Don't know what kind of power tiller OLEO-MAC , CEDRUS or HECHT select? Check out this handy guide and see what to look for when buying a rotovator. Explore ranking of the best soilers

What is a soil compactor and what it is used for?

A rotovator is a tool for loosening and leveling the soil. In appearance, it resembles a lawnmower or a small tractor, but it has a slightly different mechanism that allows you to dig through the soil and pull the lawn. It is used to prepare a compacted surface for growing crops or to mix soil with previously spread fertilizer. The soil tiller is built with a metal housing that has a contoured handle, a rotating shaft, curved blades or spikes.

Petrol-driven soil cultivator

The most popular model is petrol soil tiller, which is powered using fuel - gasoline. It is recommended for large gardens with a surface area of more than 500 m2. It has engine, which provides the convenience of working without the need for an outlet power supply. It will be perfect not only for digging up very hard soil, but also for forming beds. In addition, it can be used to eradicate weeds in the garden.

Why you should opt for a petrol soil tiller?

Compared to other models of soilers, the product with a combustion engine compares most favorably and is dedicated to work on large areas of land. First, it does not have a cable, and thus there is no need to plug into an outlet. In addition, it has a powerful motor that drives the blades, effectively digging through the soil. In addition to this, a soil tiller with a combustion engine:

  • is large, so you can prepare the land faster for growing crops,
  • there is no cable restriction,
  • has more power and loosens the soil faster,
  • is efficient and effective.

What parameters to pay attention to when buying a good garden soil tiller?

When deciding on the purchase of a rotovator, it is worth paying attention to the key parameters that affect the continued use and comfort of work. In this regard, which elements to check in order to make the purchase right? Explore our handy guide to make your choice easier.

Speed control - drive

It is worth choosing only models with built-in drive, which sets the knives in motion, and the wheels. This makes guiding the tool simple, convenient, automatic, without the need to push. In addition, choose a product that has a reverse gear and at least 2 forward gears.

Pay attention to engine power

An important consideration is engine, which sets the shaft in motion. It is responsible for the operation of the mechanism for digging through. It is important to choose one that will not overheat. In addition to this, attention should be paid to the power of the motor, which should be matched to the meterage and frequency of use of the tool. The higher the power value of the tiller, the faster and more efficient the tool works. Accordingly the minimum power of the drive unit, which should have an engine-driven tiller, is between 3 and 6.5 hp.

Dimensions and weight to fit the user

For work in the garden, use a soil tiller with suited in size and weight to the user, this will affect the speed and efficiency. It is worth noting that motorized soilers are much heavier and larger than the other types. On average, they weigh about 25 kg, but this does not affect their functionality. Most of the devices are equipped with wheels, which make it easy to move the device.

Width and working depth of the tiller OLEO-MAC , CEDRUS and HECHT

Working width indicates the width of the strand that the soil tiller will break up in one pass. The equipment is available for sale, with working widths typically ranging from 30 to 85 cm. Moreover, for small gardens dedicate a tool with a range from 20 to 45 cm wide. On the other hand, for large plots, those above 50 cm will work well.

On the other hand, information about working depth indicates to what depth the spikes are driven deep into the ground. In most cases it is a maximum of several centimeters.

It is worth mentioning that it is increasingly possible to buy a tiller, the working width spacing of which can be freely adjusted and adapted to your preferences.

Combustion and fuel tank size

Another important thing is to choose a device with the right fuel tank capacity. From the mentioned size depends on the duration of the work of the tiller. Therefore, it is advisable to buy one with a equipped with a container that can hold at least 1 liter of fuel. This will allow the soil tiller to work for up to several hours. Of course, you have to keep in mind that the heavier the weight and the more powerful the engine, the higher the gasoline burn is.

Comfort and safety while working

Several factors influence the comfort of working with a tiller, the size and weight of the equipment, the noise level, or the added convenience of wheels.

Another useful feature is the adjustable handle, which can be adjusted to your height. In addition, the work is facilitated by powered wheels.

In addition to the above, it is important to consider the following when buying a rotovator safety. That's why it's a good idea to do a manufacturer's analysis beforehand and read other users' opinions. In addition, check safety standards and choose only the product that has approvals, CE and PL certificates, and a warranty.

Digging mechanism

Another important aspect is the type of soil digging mechanism installed. Here we can distinguish:

  • knives,
  • plow,
  • harrows,
  • spikes.

The use of each depends on the type of soil and its hardness. Therefore, you should analyze the type of soil in your garden beforehand and choose the best tool for your preferences.

Additional accessories

Many types of soilers in their kits have many useful features and add-ons that make digging easier. What's more, a large part of the equipment has additional components that allow you to do other work on the property, such as shoveling snow with a matching plow. In addition, you can find or buy in the set:

  • an edging machine for leveling edges at sidewalks,
  • drapers,
  • harrows,
  • spikes,
  • wheels matched to the size of the device,
  • dedicated oil for a specific engine model.

How to use a soiler?

Each soil tiller is easy to use and requires no special training. Before starting, prepare the device by refilling the fuel tank and checking the oil level. The next step is to start the tool and start working in the garden. It is important to adjust in advance the width of the belt and the maximum depth to which you want to dig the soil.

How much does a rotovator cost for the garden?

The cost of a rotovator depends on the model, the manufacturer, the built-in motor, and the additional equipment that is included in the kit. The cheapest models can be purchased from as little as £390. Larger copies cost in the range of £3500 or more.

Petrol soil planter - summary

  • A rotovator is a simple and compact gardening tool that allows you to dig through the soil for aeration and weeding.
  • It is most often equipped with an engine ranging from 3 hp to 6.5 hp.
  • When choosing a good device, it is important to consider the depth and width of the work over which it digs the tool.
  • The amount depends on the size, type, engine and its power. The price of the device ranges from PLN 600 to 5000.
  • For small gardens, a hand-held soil compactor will suffice.
  • It is worth choosing a copy that has at least some gears.
  • Tiller is smaller and lighter than a cultivator. The latter is used in agriculture.
  • The engine of the soil planter is powered by unleaded gasoline. As a result, combustion produces fumes during combustion.
  • The most common brands of soilers on the market are HECHT and Nac.
  • Electric soilers are also available for sale.

What is a petrol soil planter?

It is equipped with an engine powered by the combustion of gasoline. It is used to dig up large areas on a plot of land. In appearance, it resembles a lawn mower, or a small garden tractor.

What is a soil tiller used for?

Soil tiller is used for digging beds, aerating soil, or pulling lawn. It is recommended for large areas with hard and compacted soil.

What parameters are important when choosing a soil tiller?

When buying a rotovator, pay attention to the size and weight of the device. In addition, you need to choose the right working width, depth, tool power, mechanism speed, and drive.

How to use a soil compactor?

Set the rotovator on the designated area, then fire up the machine and, holding the handle, start loosening the soil. It is important to remove all obstacles in the way beforehand, such as branches or stones. In addition, wear safe and snug-fitting clothing to work.
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