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Robotic Mowers Automatic Lawn Mowers CEDRUS C-MOW

Robotic Mowers Automatic Lawn Mowers CEDRUS C-MOW


The CEDRUS M5 and CEDRUS M10 are state-of-the-art mowing robots from the CEDRUS brand offering an ideal ratio of quality, performance and attractive price. Thus, they will allow you to enjoy a well-maintained garden without worries and a lot of work.

CEDRUS brand mowing robots have an integrated display panel and buttons for easy operation. Through the mobile app, you can get more advanced settings and control the mowing robot remotely via Wifi or Bluetooth. The app is available for download via iOS or Android app stores. With its help, you can make an individual mowing plan for a particular day, turn the mowing robot on or off, check the battery charge level or the current operating status of the machine. In addition, through the app, we can set up to 4 mowing zones and even specify in what time after rainfall the mowing robot should return to work.

Modern software and mowing algorithm ensure that the grass is always mowed at a different angle, so the the lawn remains clean and healthy. The latest software updates can be easily uploaded via a USB stick or via the mobile app.

Edge mowing function guides the mowing robot along the boundary wire and allows us to maintain the proper length of grass even at the edges of our lawn. From within the app, we can adjust the frequency of the edge mowing function to fit the weekly schedule of the device

At the top of the machine is a mowing height adjustment knob, which can be set from 20 mm to 60 mm, giving you the ability to customize the height of the grass in your garden.

High quality brushless motor is very quiet during operation, so that the robot emits a noise level of less than 55dB. It does not disturb the neighbors or us while relaxing on the terrace.

Cushioned housing absorbs most of the impact when it comes into contact with an obstacle, and the sensor immediately sends information to the electronics. Intelligent software continuously corrects the track and helps the machine easily avoid the obstacle

The CEDRUS mowing robot has also been equipped with a manual stop system for the machine, so that if necessary by pressing the red button on top of the mowing robot you can immediately stop its operation. In addition, the machine has PIN protection which protects it from unauthorized activation or change of settings. The robot is also equipped with tilt or rollover sensors, so the machine shuts down automatically ensuring a high level of safety during operation.

High waterproof class of the robot (IPX5), charger (IPX4) and power supply (IP68) allows the robot to be cleaned with water, and the charging station does not need to be under a canopy. Additional accessories include a charging station canopy, which is recommended for protection from rain, excessive sunlight or hail.

Thanks to automatic charging function the mowing robot knows when to return to the charging station, and the anti-collision system prevents the mower from accidentally locking into the charging station.

The machine is equipped with powerful drive motors and large wheels with a special pattern, so the robot can climb very uneven terrain with a slope of up to 20 degrees, and the cushioned scythe copies the uneven terrain and protects the blades from damage.

Double-sided blades ensure that one set of blades lasts twice as long, and the mulching function provides high-quality fertilizer for the rest of your lawn without worrying about where to dump the cut grass.

The device's battery is made of high quality branded cells and electronics that monitor the charge level of each cell and temperature. This ensures long-term and trouble-free operation of the machine. Easy access to the battery allows for quick replacement if necessary and removal for the winter period.

The easy-to-read display on the top of the robot and the LEDs located on the charging station allow the user to easily read the current mode of operation and, if necessary, to inform the user of a possible problem, such as mounting.

Rain sensor installed in mowing robot allows it to recognize rain and automatically return to charging station. There it will wait until the lawn dries out, then start mowing again. Mowing delay function can be independently adjusted from the app or the control panel located on the robot.

Mowing robots CEDRUS M5 and CEDRUS M10 cEDRUS brand will allow you to enjoy a well-kept garden and will do the hardest work for you, giving you the satisfaction of money well spent without worries.


With the mobile app, you can get more advanced settings and remotely control the mowing robot via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The app can be downloaded from the iOS or Android app store. With its help, you can prepare an individual mowing plan for a specific day, turn the mowing robot on or off, check the battery charge level or the current operating status of the machine.

In addition, through the app, we can set as many as 4 mowing areas and even specify how quickly the mowing robot will resume work after rain.

State-of-the-art mowing software and algorithms ensure that the grass is always mowed at different angles, keeping your lawn clean and healthy. The latest software updates can be easily uploaded via USB stick or mobile app to the device.



Charging station canopy is an additional accessory designed for mowing robots. Transparent plastic shutter protects the machine's parking space. This keeps the robot out of the rain while parking and charging. The charging station canopy also protects the entire system responsible for replenishing the energy in the batteries. It provides additional protection from falling plant parts and even animals. The product fits robots CEDRUS M5 and CEDRUS M10


When buying mowing machines, it is worthwhile to additionally reach for the Mowing Robot Blade Set. This is a set of nine blades that fit CEDRUS mowing robots. Interchangeable accessories come with screws and are precisely sized. This makes their replacement quick and easy. A set of blades for the mowing robot will be especially needed when working on uneven ground. It is worth reaching for when mowing stony turf and lawns covered with lingering woody plant parts. On such substrates the fastest damage occurs. New metal blades will come in handy when the factory accessories are completely worn out.


Boundary wire pins may be needed when determining the zone for mowing robots. This is an accessory designed to attach a cable around the lawn. They have sharpened tips that can be easily inserted into the ground. An additional hook in the side allows you to catch the cable and hold it in the desired position. CEDRUS boundary wire pins are made of plastic. This provides them with resistance to mechanical damage and atmospheric factors. They are non-biodegradable, so they can easily be removed from the ground if the layout of the mowing field changes.


Boundary wire is an accessory needed to improve the operation of the mowing robot. With the help of a cable, the zone in which the robot will carry out its work is determined. It can be used to create new additional space or replace worn out standard cables. Position it within the lawn according to the instructions on the device. CEDRUS boundary wire is 100 meters long. Its parameters are optimally matched to the needs of mowing robots from the CEDRUS range

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