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Loncin LC1P92F1 what engine it is ? Competition for Honda and Briggs & Stratton ?

Loncin LC1P92F1 what engine it is ? Competition for Honda and Briggs & Stratton ?

Many people looking for a new engine for their tractor come across Loncin products. Often when we answer the phone we hear the question: what is this engine? Is this some kind of news? Does any manufacturer assemble these engines? Are there spare parts for them?

Of course, we understand where these questions come from. Primarily known brands on the market are Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh (which has been out of business for 20 years), Honda, Kawasaki, Kohler. Loncin is a relatively new brand however engines from this manufacturer have been available in Poland for several years.

Model 1P92F1 is mounted in tractors:

  • Oleo-Mac OM 92/16 KH (under the name EMAK K1600)
  • AL-KO T15-93.9 HDS-A COMFORT, T15-95.6 HD A, T15-93.9 HDS-A COMFORT (under the name PRO450)
  • Cedrus AJ 92/16Hs
  • Husqvarna TS 138L, TC 138L

More and more manufacturers are incorporating them into their machines because, at a relatively good price, they show excellent quality despite being a 100% Chinese product.

So, let's focus specifically on the most popular model of Loncin tractor engine.

1P92F1 is a single-cylinder, overhead-valve, air-cooled engine. Displacement is 452 cc, torque is 22 nm and power is about 16 km. It is a unit that, in terms of power, successfully replaces the popular single-cylinder Tecumseh or B&S engines.

The engine power is sufficient enough for popular mowers with a cutting width of up to 100 cm and a standard weight of 200-300 kg.

We have repeatedly installed this engine on customer request in place of the popular B&S 17.5 hp engine. There has never been a problem with the user feeling the lower power even with a cutting width of 107 cm.

On the market today we can find three types of this engine:

  • without an oil filter and without a muffler,
  • without an oil filter but with a muffler,
  • oil filter and muffler.

Here there is no version better or worse. Which engine we use will depend on the tractor to which it will be fitted. Buy an engine without a muffler when you have the option of using an existing muffler located under the hood of the engine.

I will talk about the nuances of installation and commissioning another time.

The spacing of the four frame mounting bolts and the dimension of the crankshaft (25.4×80 mm) are standard for all tractor engines, so we don't need to check this when we buy.

How the Loncin LC1P92F1 is built?

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of false information on internet forums or newsgroups regarding the construction of this engine. What's worse, they are given by people who repair gardening equipment or have been tractor dealers for many years. I would like to describe what the interior and construction of this engine looks like based on my experience, that is, a person who realistically disassembles, repairs and services these engines.

The engine has a very simple and robust design. The cylinder liner is cast iron, and the crankshaft is supported on both sides by large 6207 ball bearings. The camshaft and alignment shafts are all-metal and also mounted on ball bearings. There is a decompressor mounted on the camshaft. So the engine is not made of plastic, and this is the information I once read on one of the online forums. The cylinder has a sizable diameter of 92 mm, and the rings have a solid thickness - oil xxx mm, and compression xxx mm. The crankshaft journal has a diameter of xxx mm. The connecting rod has holes so that oil can reach the shaft journal.

Classic simple in design float carburetor without electrovalve, which has manually engaged suction. I will add that engines with a carburetor solenoid valve and automatic suction are beginning to appear in machines, but as of today they do not appear as a spare part.

The flywheel ring and starter pinion are metal. This is important information because users of B&S model 25 or 28 engines are well aware of the problem of the fast-wearing plastic starter sprocket.

The engine has a fuel pump that operates on vacuum from the crankcase. An alternator is also an obvious accessory.

The air filter is dual - a main paper filter and a pre-filtered sponge filter.

Finally, I would like to discuss the most important design feature of this engine for me, and the lubrication system.

And here again I have to address a myth that is circulating on Internet forums.

Loncin LC1P92F1 engine regardless of whether it has an oil filter ALWAYS HAS AN OIL PUMP!

Of course, we are not dealing here with pressure lubrication and a channel in the crankshaft as is the case in car engines but the engine HAS AN OIL PUMP!

The Loncin 1P92F1 has splash lubrication and a pump that pumps oil through a channel to the top of the oil pan making an oil "shower" from the top of the engine. The oil channel is further routed to the head as well. At the bottom of the sump, before the oil is sucked in, it passes through a strainer, so even when we don't have an oil filter, the oil is somehow filtered.

What if the engine has no oil filter? It is exactly the same!

The only difference is that the oil channel that feeds the oil to the filter is plugged and the oil is not filtered before being fed into the oil channel.

So I will repeat once again.

Loncin LC1P92F1 engine regardless of whether it has an oil filter ALWAYS HAS AN OIL PUMP!

Whether to the engine Loncin LC1P92F1 replacement parts are available?

For these engines we have excellent availability of spare parts, which can be purchased from several distributors in our country. In this case, if we need a part for an engine installed in an Oleo-Mac tractor, and it is temporarily not available from an Oleo-Mac distributor, we will almost certainly buy it from AL-KO or Cedrus dealers. Polish wholesalers of spare parts for garden machinery also have spare parts. In conclusion, we get parts very easily and quickly.

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