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Energy prices are rising - How to save electricity ? we know how to save electricity ..

Energy prices are rising - How to save electricity ? we know how to save electricity ..

Probably everyone has noticed that in the coming months we will all have to reach into our pockets again, paying for energy. Suppliers make no secret of the fact that in the case of electricity the price increase will be several tens of percent, in the case of gas even hundreds of percent. Already we are seeing an increase in fuel prices. And while some experts predict that these prices will fall again over time, it would be foolish to think that they will even come close to their original values.

So it is clear that we will all have to recalculate the family budget. Every year we pay several hundred zlotys more for light and heat. It is already clear, for example, that many families with children whose home is mortgaged can get into trouble, but the reality is that it affects all of us.

The highest part of the budget is usually heating. Of course, the increase will affect those who heat with gas or electricity. So where to save?

Electricity prices

The most efficient way to save money is to heat with wood. Many have already done so, as can be seen by the surge in interest in split wood, which in some regions now has to wait several weeks for delivery. However, you can save time and money if you have a tree that you prepare yourself. It's true that it will cost some work, but untreated wood can be up to half the price. Cutting and chopping wood yourself may not be such a big deal.

The saw is especially needed for cutting wood. Can be chain or disc. Both types of saws have their pros and cons, it just depends on your preferences. Chainsaw is agile, can be cut virtually anywhere. You will easily and quickly cut logs to the required length, the work will be facilitated by a stand in which you can hold the cut wood. However, the chainsaw requires careful maintenance and some cutting skills. In contrast, modern circular saws are basically single-function machines that make firewood preparation a breeze. The shield is hidden under a cover to prevent accidental injuries. The part is exposed only when you move the log toward the shield. Cutting is therefore safer and the work goes quickly.

Wood splitters

Then you can chop the wood with a classic axe. Modern axes have seen many improvements. In particular, the handles are now made of composite, making them lighter, stronger and better in the hand. However, the shape of the axe is also tailored for specific purposes. E.g. the splitting axes are wedged on the sides with wedges, which make splitting even the toughest log much easier.

However, working with an axe requires a certain amount of strength and dexterity. If you don't feel like chopping with an axe, get a wood splitter. Thanks to its powerful hydraulics, it can handle even the sturdiest log, just press the lever. Handling is a breeze, you won't break a sweat even while working.

Of course, wood is useless to you if you have nothing to burn it in. Buying quality wood stoves is not a problem today. Of course, this may mean that some building modifications need to be made so that the stove can be placed in a room where this was not previously planned. This will mean some investment, but in the perspective when further increases in energy prices can be expected, it will certainly pay for itself several times over. However, in order for the stove to heat effectively, it must have sufficient power. If performance is low or unnecessarily high, you will literally be throwing money away.

Electric splitter

One last tip:

With the rise in fuel prices, a daily car trip to work is becoming a relatively expensive luxury. Despite the push for a gradual transition to electromobility, the battery car is out of reach for the average citizen. Additionally, a hundred-thousand-dollar investment in an electric car with the prospect of even higher electricity prices may not be beneficial. However, if you accept a slightly lower level of travel comfort and decide to ride to work, at least occasionally, on an electric scooter, the impact on your wallet can be very significant. Purchase prices for electric scooters are in the tens of thousands compared to hundreds of thousands or even millions of electric cars. Such a scooter can be charged from an ordinary outlet at night. Most likely, using a scooter will cost less than using public transportation. On the plus side, you don't have to wait at bus stops, and you can go shopping, hiking or visit friends.

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