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Aerators and scarifiers - equipment for the conscious gardener

Aerators and scarifiers - equipment for the conscious gardener

Initially, the lawn may look very aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, over the years, this situation may change significantly. The most common cause of this situation is a compacted layer of shoots and rhizomes. It's called felt, and it's really just the kind of felt she resembles. In order to restore the condition of the grass, it is necessary to remove its dead parts. Such treatments are professionally called scarification and aeration.


Performing these procedures manually is lengthy and insufficient. Therefore it is worth equipping yourself with a device called a scarifier. It has vertically positioned, sharp blades that accurately cut the layer of dead tissue and incise the substrate. The soil in this way gets a large dose of aeration, is looser, and accepts water more easily. The result is a beautiful lawn and it's free of weeds and mosses. Scarification is a procedure that is carried out in the spring. Do not subject young or sparse lawns to it.


Aerators operate on a similar principle to scarifiers. They prick the lawn with spikes or tubes made of steel, so that the soil is well aerated. When working with an aerator, it is also common to sprinkle a thin layer of sand on the lawn surface. It fills in the gaps created and allows the soil to remain loose, suitable for proper grass growth. Aerations are performed in late summer or even autumn.


When choosing the ideal gardening equipment of this type for yourself, first of all, think about your lawn area. Larger area means the need for scarifiers and electric and diesel aerators. An example would be the aerator Weibang WB517AB and scarifier Weibang WB384RB. These are devices that resemble a lawnmower in appearance, making the work much easier. They are efficient and effective. There are also rechargeable products on the market, a full charge of which only lasts for a maximum of a few tens of minutes of operation.

The motor power of the chosen device also affects its performance. It is worth choosing a device equipped with 5 hp. This allows a larger area of lawn to be aerated more effectively with less effort.

Value for money

When choosing a product for your garden, it is important to analyze its value for money. Among them, it manifests itself in the design of the working elements, primarily in the quality of the materials used to create them. High-quality steel will simply last longer. The brand of the engine is also important - a well-known manufacturer is a guarantee of reliability.

Aerators and scarifiers with a power output of more than 1,000 watts are designed for professional purposes and are unlikely to be useful for use in the average garden. It is worth comparing the various parameters and choose a device whose positive characteristics will go hand in hand with an attractive price.

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