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Why is it very important to break radish?

Why is it very important to break radish?

Radishes are small, tasty and full of nutrients. It is an undemanding, fairly simple to grow vegetable, but if you want to harvest a large and healthy crop, you should follow a few rules starting with intermittent.

Interruption involves removing a large enough number of seeded radishes to leave enough space between each plant. For inexperienced "gardeners" this procedure may seem strange and unnecessary, but the interruption is even necessary in order for our garden to grow a good-looking radish. Why it is so important?

The first reason is to support growth. When radishes are too close together, they compete for sunlight, air and nutrients. Sowing too densely leads to plants suffocating and having no room for proper root development. Radishes subjected to abortive treatment have enough room to grow, are definitely tastier and contain more nutrients.

The second reason is to prevent the appearance of mold and various diseases. When radishes are too close together, a shady and moist environment is created, which is an ideal place for mold to grow and spread disease. Breaking radishes helps create better air circulation between plants, and this contributes directly to the growth of strong and resistant plants.

The third reason is to improve fruit quality. Radishes that grow too close together tend to produce smaller and lower quality fruit. Intermittency allows radish enough space for fruiting and allows them to develop properly. Plants have plenty of room for root growth and access to nutrients, resulting in better taste.

The last reason is easier harvesting. When the plants are at a distance from each other it is easier to see which are already ready to be picked without damaging those not yet fully formed.

Considering the above arguments, intermittent radishes are an important practice for achieving healthy growth, preventing mold and disease, improving fruit quality and facilitating harvesting. Remember that each plant needs its own space and care to fully develop and provide you with a rich and tasty harvest.

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