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Which lawn mower to choose?

Which lawn mower to choose?
Let's answer the question of how to choose it so that it does its job efficiently and satisfactorily. After all, it's an investment for years to come, with the goal of providing users with comfort. We cordially invite you for a handful of information that will help you with your purchases.

Introduction to the world of lawnmowers - basic information

Although lawnmowers can be standardly divided into 3 basic categories, many distributors and manufacturers opt for more groups. Classically, we distinguish between electric, petrol and manual mowers. In addition, we can also break them down into automatic, tractors and by parameters (e.g., power, clipping width, garbage can capacity, etc.).).

Jaką kosiarkę do trawy wybrać?

On the market you can find a division into mowers with or without a drive. The first group is great for large spaces, because you don't have to use muscle power. The other is an excellent purchase for small gardens, as the mowers are much lighter, smaller, easier to control and fit into nooks and crannies.

Types of lawnmowers - breakdown by type of power supply

Now that you know that lawnmowers can be cataloged by type of power supply, it's worth moving on to the practical part. We hope that with our tips, your choice will become obvious.

Petrol mowers

You have to face a lawn that has not been tended for a long time? In that case, a petrol lawn mower is a great option. By using oil and gasoline, you don't have to worry about running out of wire or batteries. Just fill up with fuel and you can keep mowing. Its power and efficiency are much higher, so it will cope well with tall grasses.

  1. Hecht 5406 small petrol lawn mower

    Jaką kosiarkę do trawy wybrać?
    Model created to meet the needs of those with a small garden or green space in front of the property. Very light, maneuverable and decently made. Plastic housing and small engine capacity ensure efficiency and low fuel consumption. An excellent choice for beginners who want a well-maintained lawn around the property. The mower has an adjustable cutting height, allowing a range between 25 and 55 mm.

    Technical parameters:
    • engine power at 3.5 hp,
    • a capacity of 99 cc,
    • hecht OHV-type engine,
    • basket capacity of 40 l,
    • 40 cm wide,
    • weight 18 kg.
    However, don't forget to secure yourself in advance in cedrus SAE30 API-SG engine oil 0.6L. It is compatible with Hecht mowers, so it ensures correct operation of the engine.

    Andrew 32 years: When I bought a house in the suburbs of Lublin, I had no idea how to take care of the garden, the terrace and my house. A friend initially recommended that I buy a budget mower and the choice was the Hecht 5406 model. It turned out that I didn't need to change it for a bigger one and it stayed with me for a long time. I sincerely recommend to everyone!

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  2. For the more demanding - OLEO-MAC GV 53 PK Allroad 4

    OLEO-MAC GV 53 PK Allroad 4

    Equipment produced for people who conscientiously care for their garden. Although the manufacturer provides information that the equipment will perform best in large areas, it will be equally efficient in medium-sized places. An interesting solution is the system that allows the use of a basket (60 l) or a side outlet. Steel housing guarantees durability and reliability.

    It must be said that technically, the OLEO-MAC GV 53 PK Allroad 4 model will meet the expectations of all demanding people. In addition, it is worth investing in hecht Combi Canister K00085. It has two independent 6l + 2.5l tanks. This allows you to store gasoline and oil for a black hour, in two containers that have been combined into one product.

    Technical parameters:

    • engine capacity at 159 cc,
    • 51 cm cutting width,
    • body made of steel,
    • cutting height adjustment for between 28 and 75 mm,
    • weight 32 kg,/
    • garbage can capacity 60l.

    Marek 24 years old: I have always lived in a house with a garden, so I have been prepared to cut lawns since I was a child. I knew that by investing in a decent equipment with super parameters, my work would go like butter. When purchasing this model, I was not disappointed and did not regret even for a moment. I sincerely recommend!!!

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Electric mowers

For those who have regularly groomed properties, an electric mower is the best possible choice. They are environmentally friendly, economical, lightweight and very agile, so we encourage everyone to make the choice for maximum convenience of use.
  1. Hecht 1233 for small gardens and allotments

    Hecht 1233
    You own a small facility measuring only 400 m2? In front of your home, office parking lot or business is a green belt that you want to take care of regularly? Hecht 1233 will be a great investment, which in firmness is enough to fulfill its purpose. It is a budget model at an attractive price. The mower is powered by a 1200W electric motor, so power consumption should not be a problem. It is equipped with a 30-liter basket and weighs less than 7.1 kg.

    Thanks to its small size, it will be perfect for places with lots of trees, benches or lamp posts. Maneuvering the Hecht 1233 model is trivial!

    Technical parameters:
    • 1200W rated power,
    • three-stage grass cutting height adjustment from 20 to 60 mm,
    • 30-liter basket,
    • 7.1 kg weight,
    • 33 cm working width,
    • housing made of durable plastic.

    Agatha 30 years old: Like probably every woman living in a house with a garden, I love working on flowers in the summer sunshine. However, sometimes I have to roll up my sleeves and mow the lawn myself, so I wanted a lightweight model that I can handle. Although I had concerns that the Hecht 1233 would be a bit too small, it turned out to be perfect! If I could turn back time, I would buy it again.

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  2. Hecht 1805 S for the discerning

    Hecht 1805 S
    At first glance, you can see that the Hecht 1805 is a powerful and durable electric mower. You could even say that this is a premium line for people who go for the top shelf with equipment. Its power is 1800W, its working width is 46 cm, and its basket offers a capacity of 60l. Metal housing guarantees many years of reliability. The Hecht 1805 S 5in1 is designed for areas up to 1,200 m2 and has 5 working functions. These include:
    • mowing,
    • trash collection,
    • grass mulching (shredding),
    • side ejection,
    • rear ejection.

    EDGE CUTTING is not to be passed by. This is an extremely interesting feature. It relies on the fact that the shape of the housing allows mowing along walls, fences or other objects at the very edge of the. The product also has a drive that will make your work easier, as users do not need to use muscle power while mowing. Tending your garden will become pure pleasure.

    Technical parameters:
    • 1800W rated power,
    • garbage can capacity 60l,
    • 46 cm working width,
    • grass cutting height adjustment from 35 to 70 mm,
    • housing made of metal,
      weight 26.4 kg.

    Wojciech 55 years old: When I was planning to buy a Hecht mower at this price, many people told me not to fool around, because you can find a cheaper one. However, I insisted on this model and I do not regret it. Now I watch my neighbors agonize with their small unpowered mowers, while I take care of my plot quickly and without problems.

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Manual lawn mowers

If you love standard and simple solutions or are looking for something budget for the plot of land, thenmanual lawn mower is made for you. Although, in theory, products using designs without internal combustion or electric motors are the oldest proposition available in stores, they are still very popular. All because of the precision that can be achieved with their help. It should also be noted that they are environmentally friendly, cheap to operate and extremely quiet.

  1. Hecht 5030 - small but irreplaceable

    This is a hand-held spindle lawn mower that has an adjustable shearing range of 10 to 36 mm. It has a metal housing, guaranteeing users that the purchase of the Hecht 5030 will be a rewarding investment for many seasons to come. Simple design based on high-end materials ensures reliable operation for all users. The mower can perfectly cope with medium and tall grasses, so it will prove useful in the equipment of those who have small allotments or next-door green facilities. The mowing width is 30 cm, while the basket has a capacity of 15l.

    Spindle mowers are characterized by superb precision, so they are the ideal range for perfectionists who pay great attention to the quality of their lawn. In England, these are the most popular models, used for golf course maintenance, etc.

    Technical parameters:
    • manual drive
    • working width 30 cm
    • basket capacity of 15 l,
    • metal housing,
    • 7.8 kg weight,
    • mowing adjustment 10-36 mm.

    Peter 28 years old: I love spending summer evenings on my allotment. I can get away from the computer and work outdoors in peace and quiet. The Hecht 5030 mower was the best choice I could have made during my search. It offers comfort, precision, silence and above all savings. I don't have to worry about fuel, oil and electricity. I can recommend it to anyone looking for something low-complexity for their tiny gardens!

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  2. Hecht 514 for the more demanding

    It is a slightly more advanced model than its cheaper predecessor 5030. Hecht 514 manual lawn mower offers working width of 46 cm, so the pace of mowing will be much faster. The basket with an impressive capacity of 50l is a great component for those interested with medium and above standard facilities. The weight of this model is 17.9 kg, while the cutting height adjustment is at 24-75 mm.

    It can be said that Hecht 514 is a premium product, for customers with high expectations. It is quiet, economical and, above all, environmentally friendly. You take care of the environment, bills and peace of mind? Then you have found the mower to suit your needs.

    Technical parameters:
    • 46 cm working width,
    • weight 17.9 kg,
    • metal housing,
    • garbage can capacity of 50l,
    • mowing height adjustment 24-75 mm.

    Wojciech 60 years: I don't like advanced electric mowers and try to use power tools as little as possible. Hecht 514 is a lawnmower that I understand the operation of and thanks to it I can stretch my bones and muscles! I believe that the simpler the tools, the better, because fewer things can go wrong.

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The future is already with us! Automatic lawn mower at your fingertips

Above we have shown you the standard equipment. It is probably familiar to you, but we have more to offer! Automatic lawn mower, which relieves users of their duties. The design is very similar to automatic vacuum cleaners, which have been available for many seasons in almost all electronics stores.

These products are worth looking into. They allow you to relax on a Saturday summer afternoon while the lawn mows itself!

  1. For small gardens - WORX LANDROID S500 Wi-Fi


    Model created for people with gardens and plots up to 500 m2. The standard operating time is about 60 minutes, while the mower needs 90 minutes for a full charge. The product is completely maintenance-free, because if its battery begins to run down, it returns to the base on its own to replenish the energy shortage. Mowing height adjustment is at 20 - 60 mm. With the mulching function, the grass blades are short enough that you don't have to worry about raking after you finish mowing. Rain sensor allows you to stop work when the grass is slippery and restart mowing when the area dries out after rainfall or watering. WORX LANDROID S500 Wi-Fi is devoid of a display, so configuration is done via an intuitive mobile app for smartphones or tablets.

    Technical parameters:
    • Mowing height adjustable from 20 to 60 mm,
    • Max. 500 m2 work area,
    • Standard charging time of about 1.5 h,
    • mulching,
    • automatic return to the charging base,
    • Standard operating time of about 1 h.
    Victor 21 years old: My parents asked me to make a purchase that would somewhat automate their household. My choices were blinds, lighting, a few gadgets and a WORX LANDROID S500. Of course I chose the latter and everyone is delighted!

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Frequently asked questions

Customers often ask about the equipment and its operation before buying their first mowers. We present you with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about products such as amateur or professional lawn mowers.

How to sharpen a lawn mower blade?

First, remove the propeller or blades. This usually only requires unscrewing the nut from the stem, so the first step is relatively simple. Then, using a file, grinder, disc or other sharpener, you need to sharpen the components. There should be arrows or pointers on the knife to indicate the side of sharpening. In the last step, check that the part is properly balanced. This is very important, because an imbalance in operation can have a negative impact on the mower's arbor and engine.

How to check the balance of a knife?

Place a screwdriver, or pencil, in the mounting hole of the knife or propeller, and place it on a level surface. If either side prevails, it means that it is heavier and an adjustment should be made.

Which mower for tall grass?

The perfect solution is a professional lawn mower, an advanced petrol lawn mower, a handheld mower or it can be a mower. All models should be fuel-powered, as they offer high power that can perfectly handle a neglected property. If you have the choice between a powered or unpowered mower, it is better to take an interest in the second group or switch off the support.

How much electricity does an electric mower use?

It all depends on the area of your property and the tools themselves. Let's say you bought an 1800W model and it takes you about 60 minutes to cut the grass. At a rate of £0.50 per kWh, the result is about £0.90. As you can see, this is a very attractive proposition for people with a small garden who spend about an hour a week on lawn care.

Are cordless mowers cost-effective?

Depends on how far the lawn that needs mowing is from the power source. Advanced models (such as the Hecht 5051) are prepared to mow areas of up to 800 m2.


Buying a lawn mower is not easy. The market is now so expansive that you can not only tailor the assortment to your individual needs, but also to your budget. However, if you want to ensure that you and your loved ones are satisfied with your investment, you should consider high-end products and manufacturers. Great materials and innovative designs will be a purchase for years to come. We hope that with our tips, each of you will be able to cope with shopping for the right mower.

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