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Which Electric Scooter for Adults ? Why buy an electric scooter?

Which Electric Scooter for Adults ? Why buy an electric scooter?

Which Electric Scooter for Adults ? Why buy an electric scooter ?

Although it can be assumed that winter will be the word for a few more weeks, many are already looking forward to winterizing motorcycles and looking forward to the first days of spring.

Explaining to experienced motorcycle "greasers" what to check before the first ride of the season would probably mean bringing wood into the forest. But what about the cyclist who is looking around the market for the first time this year and choosing the machine she will set out on her first ride in the spring?

Anyone who sat on his first machine at the age of fifteen surely remembers that wonderful sense of freedom and independence. To the displeasure of the neighbors, we "visited" the smelly two-strokes in front of the house, which tuned the carburetor or cleaned the candle for a while. Our brand was oil-stained hands.

Today the situation is different. The current market is slowly being dominated by electric scooters. This is evidenced by the number of motorcycles sold in the Czech Republic in 2021 year, where hECHT brand , although it sells only electric motorcycles, ranked 8th place in the overall ranking .

Electric scooters are not noisy, do not smell of burnt oil, and thanks to the simplicity of the electric motor, are several times more reliable than motorcycles with an internal combustion engine. The electric engine has no carburetor, air filter, fuel nozzles, spark plug, ignition, gearbox, clutch or variator and many other components that could be a potential cause of failure. Modern electric motors in scooters do not have a commutator, which means they have no units to wear out. This makes them even quieter, electronically controlled and therefore more efficient than commutator electric motors. Of course, a malfunction cannot be completely ruled out with an electric scooter, but it is many times less likely than with a conventional motorcycle.

HECHT Electric Scooters

If you're thinking of setting out on a small motorcycle this spring for the first time, it's worth considering at least an electric scooter. Its disadvantage may be limited range on a single charge. However, the scooter as such is not designed for long journeys. However, there is no problem to go in the summer on an electric scooter, for example, to a pond 20 km away. For example, with the included lithium battery, the HECHT COCIS has a range of up to 60 kilometers on a single charge, and the range can be doubled by buying a second battery, for which there is room with a connector to connect under the cover in the floor. You charge the battery at night, so there is no problem with daily commutes, for example, to work.

The electric scooter is ideal for beginners for many reasons. First and foremost are minimal maintenance requirements . Basically, all you need to do is charge it, check the brakes and tires. Second, keep in mind that a novice motorcyclist first washes his hands full of handlebars and will therefore appreciate the the ease of operation, with no need to use the clutch when starting and changing gears .

If you've ever ridden a classic scooter with an internal combustion engine, you'll probably be surprised by its fast acceleration. This can be appreciated especially in cities, where in heavy traffic you can easily click an electric scooter. Electric scooters belonging to the AM category are equipped with a limiter that limits engine speed once the maximum speed of 45 km/h is reached. Therefore, they can drive on a so-called "small driver's license" from the age of 15.

HECHT Electric Scooter

What about the driver's license?

The only motorized machine that you can ride on the road and on which you don't need a driver's license is an e-bike. Regulation 168/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union clearly defines what the e-bike must meet. Motor power must not exceed 250 watts and can only support pedaling. When the speed reaches 25 km/h, the engine must be automatically shut down. It is not enough to meet only one of these conditions, all of them must be met at the same time. For example, you only need to make adjustments to the e-bike so that the engine drives the bike without trampling, and in fact, from a legal point of view, the bike becomes a moped, for which you already need a driver's license and all the other necessary things, just like any regular motorcycle.

Electric scooter for adults

You can find various trucks on the market, which the seller will tell you is actually a scooter or e-bike. However, if the machine is equipped with a motor of more than 250 watts, or is able to reach a speed of more than 25 km / h with the help of a motor, or runs solely on motor drive without the need for the driver to pedal, you can be sure that it is not an e-bike. If you are stopped by a police patrol on such a machine, with any luck you may only get away with a hefty fine. If you get into an accident on such a machine, you will suffer all the consequences of being seen as unauthorized to drive a vehicle that is not designed for road traffic, without legal insurance. With the argument that the seller told you or that you can't stand it and it is practically certain

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