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What kind of mower for my garden?

What kind of mower for my garden?

You need a new lawnmower, but the choice of available models and the types of equipment itself makes you dizzy? In the maze of vendor offerings, it's not easy to find that one perfect device. You need to pay attention to both the specifics of the plot and the technical parameters of the model in question. We suggest which lawn mower to choose for the garden to be fully satisfied with the purchase made!

Choosing a mower vs. the specifics of the terrain

When choosing equipment, consider whether you own a small home garden or will be mowing a large, sprawling lawn. Also analyze whether you will avoid obstacles and move with the mower over uneven surfaces while mowing.

What kind of lawnmower for a small garden, and what kind for a large one? We explain

It is assumed that a small lawn is one up to approx. 250 m2. Mowing such an area is not time-consuming, but to make the job easier, you should choose the right equipment.

For such small lawns, the following will work well cordless mowers and electrical. It is sufficient for them to have a mowing width of approx. 40 cm and a motor with power in the range of 1300 - 1500 W.

Larger plots of land require investment in petrol mowers. The more extensive the lawn, the device should have a wider mowing width and a capacious grass catcher. To make it enjoyable to work with it, it is advisable that the mower for a large garden is a self-propelled model. Such a device will glide through the garden on its own, and you will be responsible for giving it direction.

What to mow grass on uneven terrain?

If the lawn is uneven, the plot is large, and grass also grows on slopes, you should invest in a petrol mower - and that with a high-powered engine. In this case, too, a self-propelled device will work well to help overcome obstacles.

On the other hand, if there are a lot of trees on the lawn, there is a pond, cascades, choose a model that is as maneuverable as possible. In such a situation, you will not only find it useful to have an ergonomic mower, but also a trimmer. With this device, you will level the turf growing around trees, flower beds and along paths.

What else to look for when choosing a lawn mower for the garden?

Mowing the grass can be not only a chore, but also a pleasure. Just make sure you choose the right equipment. Even before buying a mower, pay attention to:

  • its handle - It should be adjustable so that you can adjust the device to your height. It will be pleasant to drive a lawnmower with a handle finished in a pleasant-to-touch material;
  • wheels - Ideally, if they are mounted on bearings and have a strongly contoured tread - they will then provide excellent grip of the device to the ground;
  • grass catcher capacity - The larger it is, the less often you will empty it;
  • engine power - High power means efficient operation and smooth grass cutting;
  • adjustable cutting height.

The garden is the apple of your eye? Then your lawn must be perfectly trimmed. That's why think well before choosing a mower - buy one that is tailored to the specific terrain, comfortable to use and efficient.

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