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What kind of lawn mower to choose for a senior citizen?

What kind of lawn mower to choose for a senior citizen?

Choosing the right gardening equipment for the elderly can cause quite a problem. It is important to match it to the given preferences and capabilities of the person who will perform the cleaning of the garden. In fact, it doesn't take much to make sure that, by properly adjusting the equipment, even an elderly person can perfectly handle tasks in the garden.

First of all, it is important to understand that seniors usually do not handle some things as well as younger people do. It is often said that simplicity is power, and in this case it is undoubtedly a shot in 10. The simpler the easier, but how does it look when the need to jump a fairly large area arises? For larger gardens motorized mower will be the most suitable mainly because of its performance. However, working with it requires certain skills and experience. If the engine is not equipped with an automatic choke, it is necessary to properly operate the manual suction (use it only when the engine is cold). However, this can be a problem for some seniors, especially if they forget to close the intake flap when starting a cold engine and cannot start it. The engine is overwhelmed with gasoline and therefore cannot be fired even with the choke properly adjusted. Other times they leave it closed, even when the engine is warm and choking.

Some seniors have trouble getting started mowers with the help of a starter cord, so in their case the most suitable will be mowers with an electric starter. However, even in this case, a problem can be encountered when, for example, due to incorrectly set suction, the engine does not start. This usually ends with a dead battery and the senior citizen's complete abandonment of the use of such a machine.

If the senior has a simple garden of approx. 300 - 600 m2, will be ideal for mowing robot. During one afternoon, you can set up a boundary wire around the area to be mowed, set the days and times on the mower when it should work, and that's it. Then it is a good idea to demonstrate to the elderly person how to use a small electric or cordless trimmer, with which he will cut the grass around fences and walls that the robot's blades cannot reach.

A second suitable choice is electric mowers or cordless mowers. They eliminate complicated engine starting - just press the lever and the blade will rotate. Above that, electric and cordless mowers usually have a lightweight plastic chassis, and the electric motor is many times lighter than a robust internal combustion engine. Thanks to its low weight, such a mower is very easy to handle.

However, if you need to mow a larger garden, there are large electric mowers on the market and cordless mowers with drive. When you press the lever, the mower starts by itself and you don't have to push it. With electric lawn mowers, the power cord can be a hassle tangling under your feet and snagging on plants. For such gardens, the best choice is a cordless mower, whose battery simply needs to be charged and inserted into the mower. If the battery capacity is not enough to mow the entire garden, you can purchase a second battery and use alternately.

In addition to the fact that electric and cordless mowers are very easy to use, they also have other advantages. Above all, they are easy to maintain and clean. When cleaning, you don't have to worry about tipping the mower on its side. In the case of a motor mower, if it is tilted incorrectly, the oil from the engine will flow where it should not, and the mower will be damaged.

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