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Tools necessary for autumn and winter garden work

Tools necessary for autumn and winter garden work

Winter is a time when it seems that no work needs to be done in the garden. Actually, there are far fewer of them than in spring, summer or autumn, but there are some activities that should be done just in winter. What tools are worth having to make winter work in the garden a pleasure rather than a necessity?

What work should be done in the garden in winter?

Winter is mostly a time to rest and plan for the next gardening season, but a few things are worth doing, and even need to be done, during this time. The most important thing is the pruning of trees and shrubs. Some species are best pruned just in winter, such as resinous conifers. When there are no leaves on trees, it's easier to form tree crowns. Another activity is to get rid of accumulated snow. This is worth doing not only from the driveway or sidewalks, but also from trees, especially conifers.

Chainsaw for cutting trees and shrubs

A tool that will definitely make it easier for you to cut thick branches or bushes is a chainsaw. It will also be helpful for cutting wood for the fireplace. It consists of two parts: the motor and the chainsaw. You can get chainsaws with internal combustion, battery and electric drives. Combustible ones will be good when you have a lot of trees to cut in the garden or you heat the house with wood, otherwise a cable-powered or cordless one will definitely suffice.

Chainsaw - how to choose?

Once you decide which chainsaw engine you should consider, you can focus on additional parameters:

  • cutting length,
  • chain speed,
  • sword length,
  • power.

In addition, it is worth noting the weight of the device. The smaller it is, the easier it will be to drive and the work will not be tiring. It is best to choose good-quality equipment that will guarantee a long life, and after buying it, do not forget about proper maintenance.

Garden pruner - for trimming smaller twigs

A chainsaw, although indispensable for trimming thick branches, is not convenient if you want to trim a small bush or dried grasses and flowers. For such work, a hand pruner will work best. It is more precise, so you can trim the plant accurately. With it you can make pruning of fruit bushes, which is extremely important for good fruiting. There are many models of pruning shears on the market, so you can choose according to your individual preferences.

Garden secateurs - how to choose?

It is often the case that we do not think about what secateurs to buy, but just take the first better one from the shelf in the market. It probably has something to do with the fact that it is rather small garden equipment. However, it is still worth consciously opting for it. First of all, pay attention to whether it is comfortable, whether it fits well in the hand. Also important are the materials from which it is made. They should be of high quality. Some models have a telescopic boom.

Snowblower - for quick snow removal

It snows in the winter, and snow must be removed from driveways and paths to make safe and comfortable passage. You can use a shovel for this work, but it is cumbersome and time-consuming. Especially if you have a lot of terrain to clear snow, it is worth investing in a snowblower. If you are afraid of lack of storage space for such equipment, then choose a folding model.

Snowblower - how to choose?

In addition to the folding function, other parameters are also important. Consider whether you need a petrol snowblower or whether an electric or battery-powered one will suffice. Pay attention to the height and width of snow removal, as well as the snow throwing technology. For large areas, equipment with a wide shovel and dual-rotor snow throwing technology that collects snow more efficiently and throws it further will be better. Too low a snow removal height will not work on uneven terrain, as it will not be able to cope with snowdrifts.

Work in the garden continues all year round. In summer there is more of it, in winter less. However, even when the garden is shrouded in snow, you can't forget about it. Failure to perform winter care of plants can do more harm than you think, shrubs may fruit less well, and trees grow too much.

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