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Take care of your mowing equipment before winter

Take care of your mowing equipment before winter

Winter is a time of inactivity for equipment designed to mow lawns and areas that require regular maintenance. However, this does not mean that they do not require any maintenance during this period. In most cases, it is enough to prepare the machine for storage according to the instructions in the manual. However, there are pieces of equipment that require regular maintenance during this period.

Starting batteries used in some lawn mowers and all garden tractors require a series of preparatory steps and regular charging.

It is essential to remove the batteries from the machines and carefully clean their connection terminals. It is a good idea to protect the poles from corrosion with technical petroleum jelly.

Do not store the battery permanently connected to the charger.

Charge the battery before shelving it. Storing a discharged battery will lead to its complete discharge and consequent permanent damage. The battery stored during the winter requires regular charging (every three months).

The storage conditions are also extremely important. It absolutely must be a dry room with a temperature in the range of 5-40 ºC.

Proper preparation of the mower/tractor for winter storage will allow them to run smoothly in the spring. First of all, remove all contaminants from the surface of the machine. Completely remove fuel from the supply system. Change the oil in the oil pan. Protect all metal surfaces from corrosion. For the duration of storage, it is a good idea to cover the machine with a tarpaulin. Store in a closed, dry room where the temperature is above freezing.

Similar preparatory steps are required for the petrol scythe. First of all, remove the fuel from the supply system. Due to the specific method of lubrication, the two-stroke engine requires protection against corrosion for extended periods of inactivity. To do this, two teaspoons of the oil used to prepare the mixture should be poured into the spark plug hole. Before reinstalling the spark plug, rotate the crankshaft several times to distribute the oil inside the engine.

From the surface of the machine, remove the remains of cut plants. Using special grease, lubricate the bevel gearbox. An important step is to disassemble and carefully clean all components of the line head.

Machines covered by the extended warranty require an annual paid warranty inspection. So it's worth combining the benefits of a professionally performed inspection with preparing the machine for longer storage. For service care, please contact your nearest authorized service center, which will certainly take care of your machine to the best of its knowledge regarding the maintenance of equipment designed for green areas.

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