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Summer on batteries - HECHT TERRIS

Summer on batteries - HECHT TERRIS

Vacation and vacation time is approaching. Many of us go out into nature or on the water. But what about the batteries?

We are slowly getting used to the sight of electric bikes and electric scooters on the roads. It's true that it's hard to go on vacation on an electric scooter with limited range. You can still go to a nearby pond or swimming pool, but an electric scooter won't take you camping halfway across the country. But did you think you could just take your scooter or electric bike with you? You may be wondering why you should do this, but try to think of the crowded parking lots around the sights and attractions you plan to visit. When you find a free parking space, you don't have to wonder how much the parking fee is. Alternatively, you will manage to park for free somewhere nearby, and when you return to your car you will be greeted by the police behind your windshield wiper, because you missed the prohibition sign hidden in the lush vegetation.

Now you're probably wondering what I actually meant when I said that you can take an electric scooter with you? An electric bike can be securely attached to a roof rack or ball carrier, but a scooter? Yes it is possible.


At first glance, the HECHT TERRIS looks like an oversized scooter, but the bodywork confuses the. In fact, it is a full-fledged electric scooter that is approved for operation on roads. Thus, it is equipped with lights, turn signals, horn and everything that such a motorcycle must have. So it has a registration mark, a technical document, and must have mandatory insurance. To this end, you can ride with it anywhere ordinary small motorcycles of the AM category can. That is, if, of course, you have a license for a small motorcycle or car.


TERRIS is 1450 mm long and 1120 mm high, so it is difficult to load it into a car under normal conditions. But the handlebars can be easily folded down, and if you fold down the back seat in a larger car, you can easily load two scooters side by side into the trunk. The seatpost and saddle can also be easily removed if needed. It is known that it will not fit into the car if you ride with children, but in that case there is no point in taking it with you, because the scooter is a one-seater and you would not be able to go anywhere is any case. On vacation, you can take shorter trips around the area on a scooter. You can park virtually anywhere and for free. If you go to see the sights in the city, you will be paving your way through queues. If you're vacationing at a self-catering campground, there's no problem with shopping on a scooter. And if you are traveling with a caravan or camper,

You can also easily transport TERRIS to and from the cottage or lodge. The cottage is usually abandoned for most of the year, so we don't want to leave anything in it that might tempt thieves.


HECHT TERRIS has a fairly powerful 3 kW engine, at first you may have to get used to turning the throttle carefully, otherwise TERRIS will shoot forward like a rocket. It easily climbs even the steepest hill. Wide tires can handle even unpaved and unpaved roads. The handlebars are 470 cm wide, making them as comfortable to hold as an adult motorcycle and providing more confidence when riding.

But TERRIS is not just about fun and vacations. You will also appreciate the exceptional agility and compact size in the city. Despite increasingly expensive electricity, the cost of charging is practically ridiculous, and with the most expensive tariff in effect (approx. 8.5 CZK per kWh) you can charge your TERRIS for as little as 10 CZK, which means you pay an average of 20 cents per kilometer of driving. By comparison, at current fuel prices, driving 1 km in an average car usually costs more than CZK 3.50.

Therefore, it will certainly find application in the countryside as well. You don't have to rely on the bus and go shopping in the neighboring village whenever you want to. It is ideal, for example, for regular travel to and from work, but due to the limited range of charges, you either have to have a workplace far away in relation to the distance there and back, or your employer has to provide you with the ability to recharge at your workplace.

You may be surprised by the higher weight, which is as much as 70 kg. This, however, reflects on the solid steel structure. As a result, the scooter can last a long time and can carry up to 150 kg. In no way can it be compared to some of the delicate scooters made of light alloys. Maximum speed is electronically limited to 45 km/h, so the scooter meets the technical parameters for approval of a small motorcycle of category L. As a result, even youngsters from the age of 15 and up can ride it with an AM license. You can also ride a scooter with a regular Group B passenger car license.

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