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Snow removal - effective and safe

Snow removal - effective and safe

Frosted trees and snowy lawns can look picturesque, especially on a cold, sunny day. However, what is a pleasure for the human eye is not necessarily as good for plants. An additional problem with too much snow is icy paths, stairs and driveways, which, due to the slippery surface, can be dangerous. Here are some ways to shovel snow effectively and, most importantly, harmlessly to our plants.

If your garden is not too large, basic tools such as shovels and snow shovels will suffice. To work with them as comfortably as possible, they should be made of lightweight material, such as aluminum or polypropylene. This will prevent snow from sticking to them. The side edges of the heads must have a smooth finish, and the leading edge must have a metal reinforcement that will allow the shovel to be used to break up thin ice. An additional advantage of such tools will be a rubber grip, so that your hands will not slip while working.

Icy driveways, stairs and paths can be dealt with very well using ice vacuums. They are made of stronger materials than shovels and shovels, and thus more resistant to contact with even thicker ice cover.

Another way to effectively deal with snow is to use electric i exhaust snowblowers. This solution is certainly easier and faster. These devices resemble lawnmowers, except that there is a rotor in place of the mowing blades. It keeps the snow thrown to the side of the path. When choosing power tools, the main consideration should be the surface on which they will be used. On larger areas, strong two-stage ones will work better, on smaller areas single-stage ones will suffice.

One of the best known and also easiest ways to remove snow is to sprinkle salt on surfaces. However, this is what we should beware of when doing gardening work. By penetrating the soil, salt causes physiological drought, so that plants cannot take up the water they need for life. A substitute for salt in this case, can be sand or ash from the fireplace, which will perfectly protect us from slipping, and in addition do not pose a threat, to the trees, shrubs and flowers growing in our garden.

After clearing the snow from our property, the problem of snow storage arises. Certainly, the place for this should not be lawns, since a long snow cover can lead to grass rot and the plant disease so-called snow mold. Regular snow removal is also important for shrubs and trees. Because of too much snow, their branches can break and deform.

Regular snow removal in accordance with the above rules will allow us to enjoy a beautiful garden from the first days of spring.

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